Dean Cas Mini Bang

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Name: Dean Cas Mini Bang
Date(s): 2017 - 2019
Type: Mini-bang - Fanfiction, Fanart
Fandom: Supernatural
URL: deancastielbigbang (old blog)
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The Dean Cas Mini Bang is a mini-bang challenge in Supernatural fandom, focused on the pairing Dean Winchester/Castiel. It was originally a big bang before reducing the word minimum. Authors have to write a minimum of 10,000 words, artists have to create a minimum of one full piece and one banner.



The Blur of Our Wandering
Author: destimushi
Artist: Aceriee
Rating: M
Word Count: 8788
Tags: truck driver Cas, survivor Dean, victim Dean, mentions of a serial killer, trauma, self-loathing, survivor Cas, victim Cas, truck stop bathroom hook up, new beginnings, self-harm issues, slight dub-con, minor character death, survivor guilt, handjobs
Summary: Castiel is most at peace when he’s on the job. It’s the same stretch of road ahead, the same problems being left behind, and driving his truck from one side of the country to the other quiets the voices in his head. When he pulls over at one of his favourite diners along the way, a chance meeting with a green-eyed stranger fires his blood and leaves him wanting. Little does he know he will run into the same man two more times that night and change his life forever. This is a story about two men, one running from his past and one hiding from his present, and when they collide, they find out they’re haunted by the same demons.

Bringing Home The Bacon
Author: dr-dean
Artist: vinnie-cha
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 18,109
Tags: ABO, knotting, true mates, mating, office AU, fluff, smut, off screen Mpreg, Bottom!Dean, Top!Cas, Omega!Dean, Alpha!Cas, sign language, Sandover Bridge & Iron, happy ending
Summery: Omega Dean was doing just fine. He had an apartment, a good job and a great family. But he didn’t have an alpha. When Castiel starts as his company’s new CEO everything changes. Alpha Cas becomes family, and Dean takes care of his family. ABO office AU with Fluff, Smut and a happy ending.

Hunt for a Healing Halo
Author: Ahaviel-Selah
Artist: impalartsociopath
Rating: E
Word Count: 38,069
Tags: Alternate Universe; Writer Castiel; Writer Dean Winchester; Lawyer Sam Winchester; Kid Gabriel (Supernatural); Conventions; Fantasy Writers; Book Publishing; Contract Disputes; Bisexual Dean Winchester; Grey-Asexual Castiel (Supernatural); Massage; Brief mention of mild bondage; Anal Fingering; Anal Sex; Top Castiel/Bottom Dean Winchester; Threats of lawsuits; Mentions of living in hiding from family members; Implied/Referenced Alcohol Abuse/Alcoholism; Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD (past); First Time; Implied Referenced Drug Use (past); minor character death (past); Last Chapter (20) is Details and Trivia and Canon References
Summary: Dean Winchester is at the top of his career, a bestselling author of the Beast Hunters series of urban fantasy novels, represented by the shrewdest literary agent in the business, and enjoying nationwide fame, if not fortune. At a convention for fantasy authors and readers, he meets fellow author CJ Novak, the self-published creator of the popular Angel Warriors series, who lives life on his own terms and scorns all of the rules about writing and publishing that Dean holds dear. Their meeting has Dean questioning everything he thought he knew about himself. Did he effectively sell his soul to get where he is? What does it mean to truly be successful? And where does love—true passion that Dean hasn’t felt in years—fit into the equation?

The Eyes That Haunt Me - A
Author: DeadlyKittenKay
Artist: iouii
Beta by: linsadair, Angel and samikitten
Rating: Mature
Tags/Warnings: AU - No supernatural, Past Dean/Lisa, Past Dean/Benny, Past Castiel/Amelia, Past Castiel/Balthazar, homophobia, suicide attempts, depressed!Castiel, Verbal abuse, using religion to abuse others, Angst and fluff, Domestic!Dean, Dean is a dad, Charlie and Sam ship it, Angst with a happy ending, a spin on soulmates Summary: Dean Winchester isn’t quite sure what he wants to do with his life. While he loves his construction job, his car and his son, he feels empty inside.
Castiel “Jimmy” Novak feels as if he has failed everyone. He has a job that requires little social interaction and lives for weekends with his daughter Claire. Sure he’s lonely, but it’s easier to ignore the voices when you’re alone. A chance meeting and shockingly similar dreams might just open up a new way of life for both Dean and Castiel but will they see the signs when they’re there?

Grace Of The Angel
Author and artist: purgatoan
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 53k+
Beta: dreamsfromthebunker
Tags: Castiel/Dean Winchester, abusive Castiel/Naomi, Angst, Heavy Angst, Rape/Non-con, Major Character Death, Gambling, Suggestive Themes, Titanic AU, Mean Naomi (Supernatural), Mean Amara (Supernatural), Smoking, Unrelated Dean Winchester/Sam Winchester, Homophobia, Period-Typical Homophobia, Physical Abuse, Verbal Abuse, Suicidal Thoughts, Suicidal Tendencies, POV First Person, POV Alternating, POV Dean Winchester, POV Castiel, Bottom Cas, Top Dean, Rimming, Anal Fingering, Anal Sex, Dry Humping, Blow Jobs, Explicit Language, Minor Violence
Summary: April 11, 1912. Two young men get on the Titanic in Southampton: Castiel Novak, with a terrifying promise of an arranged wedding after the cruise is over, and Dean Winchester, a wanderer that sees this journey as an adventure. Their paths cross on the ship of dreams by a complete accident as Dean saves Castiel in every sense of the word, convincing the man from the first class that life might still be worth living. Throughout those few days, they fall madly in love, overcoming social boundaries and demons hiding inside them that they thought would make it impossible for them to be together. But there’s something neither of them could predict; turns out that Titanic isn’t indestructible at all and, after hitting an iceberg, it’ll inevitably sink. It’s only a matter of time.Will it be the end of their love story or only the beginning?


The Miracle Within
Written by: adancingstarinthechaos & imadreamysoul
Art by: ShadowPaintedRose
Beta/Editor: N/A
Rating: Teen and Up
Word Count: 37,187 words
Warnings/Tags: No Major Archive Warnings, Post-Episode: s13e05 Advanced Thanatology, Missing Scene, Canon Divergence, Spoilers, References to Depression, Canon-Typical Violence, Mild Gore, Character Study, Developing Relationship, Friendship/Love, Family Bonding, Team Free Will 2.0, Minor Original Character(s), Case Fic, references to witchcraft, Angst and Hurt/Comfort,
Summary: {Set in season 13, following immediately the events of Advanced Thanatology (13x05).} The Winchesters have just received the most unexpected of the calls and now their life might be on the verge of undergoing another, perhaps just as radical change. After losing his mother and his best friend, Dean has found himself in a very dark place, unable to share Sam’s stubborn hope that Mary might be alive and refusing to allow himself to mourn Castiel. He has been stuck between trying to cope with all their losses, with the aid of unhealthy amounts of alcohol, and being unable to hold back his anger issues, of which his brother and Jack have quickly become the unlucky main targets. The reunion with the angel, while, on one hand, shines a fresh new ray of hope on the boys’ path, on the other puts a spotlight on the mistakes that have been made in the previous weeks and also brings up issues that have been ignored and avoided for too long. Castiel is determined to reconnect with Jack and try to fix the relationship between

In The Moonlight
Written by: snarkysnartes
Art by: diminuel
Beta/Editor: deadly-kitten-kay​ & deancebra
Rating: Explicit
Words: 10,552
Warnings/Tags: No Major Archive Warnings, Dom/sub, Slow Build, Sub Castiel, Dom Dean Winchester, Break Up, Past Balthazar/Castiel, Alternate Universe, Bottom Castiel, Top Dean
Summary: Castiel is a sub just out of a bad relationship. Dean is an Dom looking for someone new. When the two hook up one night Dean is instantly smitten with him, thinking that maybe this is the one for him. Castiel isn’t sure what it is.

Crash Into You: A Destiel Star Wars Story
Written by: rosaleenban
Art by: thedogsled
Beta/Editor: N/A
Rating: General Audiences
Word Count: 13,000
Warnings/Tag: No Major Archive Warnings, Alternate Universe, Alternate Universe - Star Wars Setting, Alternate Universe - Human, Jedi!Castiel, Smuggler!Dean, Smuggler!Sam, Padawan!Sam, rebellion era, Romance, Strangers to Lovers, Gray Jedi, Happy Ending
Summary: Fifteen years after the fall of the Republic, Dean Winchester is on the run from Imperial Inquisitors, who are hunting his brother Sam for his uncanny Force sensitivity. The brothers have jumped across the galaxy in a damaged ship, and find themselves crashing into the planet they had thought might shelter them. A Jedi Knight who has been hiding on the planet, Castiel, saves their ship and their lives just before they crash.

Camp Crush
Written by: supernatural9917fic
Art by: pantydean
Beta/Editor: knittedgauntlets
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 17,380
Warnings/Tag: No Major Archive Warning, Alternate Universe - Summer Camp, Mechanic Dean Winchester, Camp counsellor Dean,
Summary: Dean Winchester has been going to Camp Chitaqua every summer for most of his life, first as a camper, and for the last three years, as a counsellor. He’s disappointed when his co-counsellor Benny has to cancel after an accident, but his replacement turns out to be anything but a disappointment. Castiel Novak is smart, strong, bendy, super hot, and for some reason really into Dean. Dean’s summer romances have never ended particularly well, but Cas seems determined to be more than just another camp crush.

Written by: mistresspandora
Art by: idjitsaviors
Beta/Editor: firefly124 & spnhell
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 36,672
Warnings/Tags: No Major Archive Warnings, Alternate Universe - Pirate, Canonical Character Death, Minor Character Death, Canon-Typical Violence, Mildly dubious Consent, Anal Sex, Bottom Castiel/Top Dean Winchester, Minor Castiel/Balthazar
Summary: Dean and Sam Winchester are officers aboard the pirate ship Blackbird, ferocious and cunning. After Captain Balthazar Shurley takes a handsome prisoner named Castiel as his lover and then makes him first mate, the Winchester brothers are ready for a change. Dean didn’t expect to find himself sneaking around behind his captain’s back, betraying him at every turn. A hurricane forces Castiel to make a choice. Will Dean accept his help to rescue his brother from Balthazar’s quest for vengeance? More importantly, will they be able to catch the Blackbird in time to save Sam’s life?

The Cupcake Identity
Written by: destimushi
Art by: jdragon122

Beta/Editor: jhanamay
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 10,145
Warnings/Tags: No Archive Warnings Apply, Baker Castiel (Supernatural), Rock Star Dean Winchester, cupcake verse, kidnapping, Explosions, Love Confessions, Established Castiel/Dean Winchester, Dom/sub Undertones, Bossy Castiel
Summary: Rising punk rock sensation, Dean Winchester, and Castiel Novak, the owner of A Taste of Heaven Bakery, have been seeing each other for some time. Despite enjoying each other’s company inside and outside the bedroom, Dean and Cas have never discussed what their relationship means. Dean doesn’t want to keep things under wraps anymore, but little does he know coming clean to his fans will reveal even more secrets…secrets that prove to be lethal

Выйдешь за меня (Marry Me)
Written by: navajolovesdestiel & datgoatboy
Art by: correlia-be
Beta/Editor: guillsandink-writes
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 16,131
Warnings/Tags: No Archive Warnings Apply, AU- Modern Setting, Castiel is Russian, Top Castiel, Bottom Dean, Top Dean, Bottom Castiel, Switching, FLuff, Smut, Explicit Sexual Content, Humor, Anal Sex, Anal Fingering, Blow Jobs
Summary: When Dean buys a Russian husband on a drunken dare from his brother, he never expected anybody like Castiel Krushnic.

Don’t Let Go
Written by: envydean
Art by: galaxystiel
Beta/Editor: galaxystiel
Rating: Mature
Word Count: 28,578
Warnings/Tags: No Archive, Warnings Apply, EMT!Castiel, mechanic!Dean, alcoholic!Dean, Alcoholism, Car Accidents, Hospitals, Recovery, PTSD, Descriptions of Injury, Angst with a Happy Ending, Angst, Hurt/Comfort
Summary: Dean Winchester’s life is a mess. Ever since his father’s death, a downward spiral has seen his occasional beer become something of a crutch. Then, a revelation has him going to see his brother in California—except he doesn’t make it and ends up in a nasty accident, destroying the Impala. Air rescue paramedic, Castiel, and his partner Benny are the ones to pull him out of the wreck and that’s just the start of it. He forms a tentative friendship with Dean and manages to convince him he needs help and that he can be there for Dean. It should have been all uphill from there—because getting sober is easy, right?—except it isn’t and their relationship is thrown into turmoil at the wrong time. Slowly, they learn to accept each other once again.

And Watch What Happens
Written by: heatheralicewatson
Art by: alpacasfluff
Beta/Editor: N/A
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 85,569
Warnings/Tags: No Archive Warnings Apply, AU - Canon, Hook-Up, Castiel is Claire Novak’s Parent, Parenthood, Meeting the Parents, PTSD, Implied/Referenced Drug Use, Implied/Referenced Suicide, Eating Disorders, minor homophobia, family Feels, Team Chosen Family, Chuck Ex Machina, Massage Therapist Castiel
Summary: Cass Novak was really only looking for a hookup – one night to let the whole world go away, all of his responsibilities and the ghosts of a bitter past that he’s done everything he can to move beyond. When he wakes up with a strait-laced but very cute businessman named Dean Smith, he’s ready to declare success and walk away. Except that Dean keeps calling him. And Cass isn’t interested in buttoned-down yuppies in suits who’ve never experienced one real moment of pain in their lives…right? Except that maybe he is. And maybe Cass is somehow falling in love for the first time since his soulmate died five years ago. Which he could handle – probably…. Except that he’s also beginning to have a strange series of nightmares and flashbacks to a whole separate life he never lived, in an apocalyptic hellscape with a version of Dean he barely recognizes. And once he starts to notice, the whole world begins to seem…just a little off. Cass is the happiest he’s ever been, and he’s also losing his mind. It’s a very weird year.

Wish I May, Wish I Might
Written by: ireadhpinenochian
Art by: spnheart
Beta/Editor: always-replaced4292
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 10705
Warnings/Tags: No Archive Warnings Apply, Fluff, Light Angst, First Kiss, Camping, Drinking
Summary: Alone on a camping trip he was supposed to be on with his brother, Dean makes a wish on a star - a star that then falls right out of the sky and crashes next to his campsite. Turns out stars look just like people (or the other way around, if you want to believe Castiel), and granting wishes is what keeps them going. And with Cas by his side, Dean is definitely starting to feel like all of his wishes have been granted. But Cas is a star, and falling wasn’t supposed to be in his job description. So what happens when a star who is used to granting wishes, starts wishing for something of his own?

Checked Out
Written by: whelvenwings
Art by: purgatory-jar
Beta/Editor: thebloggerbloggerfun
Rating: General
Word Count: 27k
Warnings/Tags: No Archive Warnings Apply, Librarian Castiel, Writer Dean Winchester, Enemies to Friends to Lovers, Misunderstandings, Demisexual Castiel, Bisexual Dean Winchester, Genderfluid Hannah, Castiel/Dean Winchester First Kiss, Pining, Mutual Pining, POV Castiel, AU - Library
Summary: Castiel Novak can think of many writers who would not be welcome under the roof of Heaven’s Gate library, where he is the librarian: Ayn Rand ranks highly (no explanation needed), as does Charles Dickens (he hasn’t forgiven Charles for the month he lost to The Pickwick Papers). And, of course, Dean Winchester. Dean Winchester, local author and obvious a-hole, who is entirely too handsome to be true and who is clearly totally lacking in profundity, intelligence, sincerity, and self-awareness. Unfortunately, though, Dean’s been invited to do a book signing at Heaven’s Gate - and Castiel’s about to be confronted by some unexpected feelings when he finally meets Dean for the first time.

There Will Be Time
Written by: wigglebox
Art by: harplesscastiel
Beta/Editor: none
Rating: M
Word Count: 15,010
Warnings/Tags: No Archive Warnings Apply, Beaches, Crimes & Criminals, Guns, Gunshot Wounds, Love Confessions
Summary: Dean Winchester and Castiel lived by the belief that rules should be broken. So why can’t they break their own?

Broken Halos
Written by: jimminovak
Art by: dreymart
Beta/Editor: profound-boning
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 18k
Warnings/Tags: No Archive Warnings Apply, Fake/Pretend Relationship, Case Fic, Fallen Cas, Pining, Angst, Fluff, POV Dean, bed sharing, Hurt/Comfort
Summary: Cas lost his grace. Well, most of it. He’s almost entirely human and not sure if he will ever get his grace back. Dean wants him to know that as a human, they care about him just as much. And since Dean isn’t that good with words, working a case in a luxurious, romantic resort might just be the thing they need. If only he could remember that the romantic relationship is just for show.

The Cul De Sac
Written by: xHaruka17x
Art by: diminuel
Beta/Editor: dragonsflamefoolsgold
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 19,516
Warnings/Tags: No Archive Warnings Apply, AU, Alpha Dean, Omega Castiel, Some Feminization, Phone Sex, Pregnant Claire, Christmas Time, Masturbation, Fluff, some old world views, Happy Ending, Bottom Castiel/Top Dean Winchester, Minor Character Death, Widower Castiel (Supernatural)
Summary: Christmastime has always been meaningful for Castiel, but the bare of decorations and lonely looking house at the end of his street piques his interest when it appears the owner has no interest in the holiday. What begins as a way to make a neighborhood friend quickly morphs into something much more that Castiel wasn’t completely ready for.

Dating Mr. Novak
Written by: ladyofthursday
Art by: theabsolutemagicpotato
Beta/Editor: tobythewise
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 13141 words
Warnings/Tags: No Major Archive Warnings, Single Parents, Daddy Dean Daddy Cas, Fluff, Mild Angst, Dating, Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Protective Dean, Falling In Love, First Dates, Implied Smut, happy endings,Original Female Character - Freeform, mentions teenage pregnancy, mentions adoption, Nervous Dean, Embedded Images
Summary: Dean doesn’t think he needs a relationship to be happy. After all, he’s got a good job, a nice house and great friends, including a best friend in his teenage daughter, Marnie - why would he need anything else? He’s happily single, thank you very much! Or so he thinks until Marnie introduces him to her new history teacher, Castiel Novak. Castiel is smart, funny and gorgeous to boot - plus he’s a single dad to adopted son, Jack. Dean soon finds himself with a major crush, despite his own reservations on dating. Will Dean get over his reservations and manage to find romance? Can he and Cas put their weight of their previous relationships behind them?

Blackstrap Molasses
Written by: neonbat666
Art by: pantydean (aka Cryptomoon)
Beta/Editor: teaninjako
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 39,619
Warnings/Tags: No Major Archive Warning, Veterinarian Castiel, Rancher Dean Winchester, Dairy farm, Nonparanormal au, Semi realistic descriptions of Vet practices, Farm situations, Homophobia, Homophobic language, Hate Crime
Summary: Castiel has come back to his small Kansas hometown to work as a veterinarian while he aids in the care of his smallest siblings. An influx of new patients has him a little busy, but when he finds himself making home calls to an old acquaintance from High school his life takes a turn. Dean pulls him into his orbit, and the two must deal with the perceptions of hometown life, bigotry, and self-sabotage if they want a shot at things together.

The Destiny We Choose
Written by: xbooksandtea
Art by: vyxon7
Beta/Editor: N/A
Rating: Mature
Word Count: 40,928
Warnings/Tags: No Major Archive Warnings, Supernatural AU - Freeform, spn au, Destiel - Freeform, destiel au, Soulmate AU, First Dates, First Kiss, Fluff, Smut, Humor, Flirting, Dirty Jokes, Bottom Dean, Top Cas, handjobs, video chatting, private tutoring
Summary: There are fragile lines and words entwining around the wrist of his left hand - words marking him as claimed by another soul since the beginning of the stars. Words that prophesy the first thing his soulmate will ever say to him. Words that explicitly read “fuck, sorry”. There is college he can’t keep up with and work that never seems to produce enough money and the search for a literature student who is willing to teach him online and the struggle to save his life from falling apart. And then, there is Cas.

Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire
Written by: osirisapollo
Art by: foxymoley
Beta/Editor: candybarrnerd, halzberry, & maskofcognito
Rating: Teen and Up
Word Count: 14,475
Warnings/Tags: No Major Archive Warnings, Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Doctor Castiel, Firefighter Dean Winchester, Fluff, Humor, Meet-Cute, Romance, Happy Ending, Nurse Meg Masters, Firefighter Benny Lafitte, Doctor Gabriel (Supernatural), College Student Sam Winchester, Small Towns
Summary: ER doctor, Castiel Novak, lives a boring life outside of his job. He doesn’t have time for much else with such long hours and so little sleep. But all of that changes when the fire alarm in his condo forces him outside during the day, and he manages to embarrass himself in front of the hottest fireman he’s ever seen. Castiel is ready to chalk it up to a one-time disaster, but the universe seems to have other plans.

Written by: ladyblacklodge & punk-is-notdead
Art by: dmsilvisart
Beta/Editor: Zanderis
Rating: Mature
Word Count: 33,152
Warnings/Tags: No Major Archive Warnings, Humor, Angst, Jealousy, Friends to Lovers, First Kiss, allusions to sex, non-graphic sex scene, minor allusions to past non-con, coming out, brotherly moments, texting, bed sharing, handcuffs, curses, spells, bisexuality, Bisexual Dean Winchester, Sex Kitten Eileen Leahy, Happy Sam Winchester, Mentions of Fluid Sexuality and Label Changes, Vague thoughts alluding to previous prostitution, masturbation, mention of Dean/Benny, mention of Dean/Crowley, minor Castiel/Original Male character(s), Minor Dean/Original Male Character(s), Implied Homoromantic/Demisexual Castiel
Summary: When Dean and Castiel get bound together by a series of complex curses connected to a pair of handcuffs, they both must learn how one can navigate their day to day life tethered to their best friend even after the handcuffs are removed. As emotions run high and hidden truths are revealed, the nature of their relationship begins to take a new shape permanently. But will these alterations pull them even closer together or drive them apart?

The Way I See You
Written by: tobythewise
Art by: foxymoley
Beta/Editor: thetwistedwillow
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 13,250
Warnings/Tags: No Major Archive Warnings, Non-Linear Narrative, Meet-Cute, Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, marriage proposal, Non-Traditional Alpha/Beta/Omega, dirty talk, insecure Castiel, Kid fic, high school, getting together, coming of age, tattoo artist Dean Winchester, librarian
Summary: Dean Winchester and Castiel Novak met when they were twelve years old – when life was simple and easy. But as their relationship develops over the years, they discover their feelings for each other are less than platonic. Despite the fact that both remain unpresented well past the normal age of presentation, Dean and Castiel are determined to build a life together. Dean, dominate and bold, couldn’t care less what other people think – all he needs is Castiel. On the other hand, soft spoken Castiel, desperately wishes he could be the omega he believes Dean deserves. Life throws them through a loop when both men finally present in ways they hadn’t expected. Before they can scent each other and finally mate like they’ve always dreamed of, Dean and Castiel, out of fear for the unknowns in this new stage of their relationship, run away from each other.

Written by: thebloggerbloggerfun
Art by: whynotdosomethinggreat
Beta/Editor: whelvenwings
Rating: Teen and Up
Word Count: 14,900
Warnings/Tags: No Major Archive Warnings, Singer CAstiel, Alternate Universe - Celebrity, concerts, minor Eileen Leahy/Sam Winchester, Past Dean/Other(s), Alternate Universe - Soulmates, Soulmate-Identifying Marks, Soulmates, Fate, Fate & Destiny, Sam is a fanboy, Alcohol, First Kiss, First Dates, Texting, Pining Dean Winchester
Summary: Dean Winchester is almost fine with not knowing who his soulmate is. He’s got a good life, good family, and doesn’t mind the one night stands with others who also haven’t found someone with their same soulmark. It isn’t until Sam shows Dean a picture of the pop-star Castiel - a celebrity infamous for hiding his soulmark among hundreds of other tattoos - that Dean thinks he may have found his soulmate. But how is he supposed to let a worldwide phenomenon know that they belong together - and will Castiel even care?

Coming Home To You
Written by: slyther-sin
Art by: iamjustgod
Beta/Editor: shameless-j
Rating: Teen and Up
Word Count: 10,930
Warnings/Tags: No Major Archive Warnings, Sweet Home Alabama AU, Established Relationship, mentions of divorce, past infidelity, reunions
Summary: After ten years Castiel returns to his hometown to clear the air between him and his estranged husband, Dean Winchester. But while Castiel’s mind has some ideas of what their reunion might entail, Castiel’s heart is unprepared for what he finds. Very loosely inspired by the movie Sweet Home Alabama.

Filling In The Blanks
Written by: ravenscat-tumblr
Art by: dmsilvisart
Beta/Editor: wargurl83, ilovetodreamx
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 24,374
Warnings/Tags: No Major Archive Warnings, Destiel au, Married Couple, married destiel, memory loss, husbands, romance, sabriel - freeform, breakup sex, cop!cas, mechanic!Dean, top!cas, bottom!dean, Domestic fluff, implied/referenced rape/non-con, side characters, not destiel, non-graphic violence, explicit language, angst, fluff, happy ending, flashbacks, amnesia
Summary: When Dean’s husband, Castiel, loses his memory in a horrific car accident, Dean takes it upon himself to remind Cas of all their precious moments together— even their fights. However, he leaves out the part where they were in the process of getting divorced. Why? Because he regrets it, and hopes this is God’s way of giving him a second chance. Is this their second chance or will it just be another regret?

Written by: grumslyfe
Art by: whynotdosomethinggreat
Beta/Editor: N/A
Rating: Mature
Word Count: 10,762
Warnings/Tags: No Major Archive Warnings, Minor Character Death
Summary: When Dean was a small boy a human monster stole his childhood and his voice. Years later he leaves home by himself for the first time and meets Castiel. Will Castiel help find Dean’s voice or is he fated to live in Silence?

The French Mistake
Written by: lover-awakened
Art by: kuwlshadow
Beta/Editor: lordkingawesome
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 16,284
Warnings/Tags: No Major Archive Warnings, Season/Series 06, Episode Related, Episode: s06e15 The French Mistake, Explicit Sexual Content
Summary: In a bid for control of Heaven, the archangel Raphael attacks Castiel and his allies, leaving Balthazar no choice but to send the Winchesters to an alternate universe for the safety of the world with a key that opens a lock containing all of Heaven’s stolen weapons. Sam and Dean discover that in this alternate reality, they are actors on a TV show called Supernatural. Even more of a shock, Dean learns that his alternate universe self is married to a man, a man who happens to be the mirror image of his best friend. With their world once again on the verge of the apocalypse, the Winchester brothers race to find a way back to their own universe before Raphael can send his minions after them and Dean tries to come to terms with the fact that maybe his angel just might mean a little more to him than Dean previously thought.

Made In Heaven
Written by: exceptcas
Art by: deadly-kitten-kay
Beta/Editor: vaudelin
Rating: General Audiences
Word Count: 30,653
Warnings/Tags: No Major Archive Warnings, Mentions of Dean/Benny, Mentions of Dean Winchester/Lisa Braeden - Freeform, Matchmaker AU, slow burn, Miscommunication, minor homophobia
Summary: Castiel Novak is a matchmaker. Dean Winchester is looking to have a match made. When Dean and Sam Winchester decide that their dad, Bobby, is in need of a little romance in his life, they seek help the old-fashioned way: a matchmaking service. Castiel Novak is a rebellious matchmaker who is willing to bend the rules to help out the Winchesters. The catch: Bobby can’t know about it and they can’t legally sign him up without his consent. Enter in Dean Winchester, fresh off a broken heart and being forced to pose as the matchmaking client with Castiel as his pretty boy Cupid.

Rain Clouds And Ink Stains
Written by: kiasqueaks
Art by: destimushi
Beta/Editor: mistresspandora
Rating: Teen and Up
Word Count: 11,830
Warnings/Tags: No Major Archive Warnings, Tattoos, Tattoo Artist Dean Winchester, Holy Tax Accountant Cas, AU
Summary: Castiel Novak had lived his life by the book his entire life. He thrived on structure, monotony, and the blinders he clings to. But a literal road blockage gives him an alternative view of the world and taking a chance, he finds that rain doesn’t always have to be sad, and some stains show a beautiful soul.

You Won’t Be Mine
Written by: courie969
Art by: thedogsled
Beta/Editor: N/A
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 9,522
Warnings/Tags: No Major Archive Warnings, Alternate Universe - Music, Musician Dean Winchester, Musician Castiel, Pianist Castiel, Piano sex, Music from Rob Thomas/ Matchbox 20, Misunderstandings, Pining, Happy Ending
Summary: Dean and Cas had it all: wildly successful music careers, a loving relationship, and supportive friends and family. Until a horrible misunderstanding takes all of that away. Kicked out of his house and on a bender, Dean shuts himself away from the world he loves while Cas throws himself further into his music. Can Charlie show them that not all hope is lost and all that is lacking is communication, or will the music on the radio fall on deaf ears?

Leap Of Faith
Written by: hartlessfiction (aka: NadiaHart)
Art by: thedogsled
Beta/Editor: Please see notes on Ao3
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 70,636
Warnings/Tags: Graphic Depictions of Violence, Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Alpha/Omega, Omega Verse, Pack Dynamics, Pack Feels, Pack Bonding, Alpha Castiel, Omega Dean, Awkward Castiel, Pining, Mutual Pining, Virgin Castiel, strangers to lovers, mating cycles/in heat, mating, knotting, first time, threat of violence, attempted kidnapping, blood and violence, Canon-typical violence, Fluff, Angst, Happy ending, past abuse, implied/referenced torture, past torture, implied mpreg, bloodlust, possessive Castiel, Anal Sex, Anal fingering, Come marking, Werewolf Mates, full shift werewolf, hurt/comfort, scent marking, come eating & Swallowing, creampie, masturbation, shower masturbation, Alternate Universe - Werewolf (and are known)
Summary: For some of us, it’s easy, close your eyes, take a breath, and jump. For others, it takes an entire bottle of whiskey, a slow, unreliable internet connection, and years of self-induced isolation on a picturesque mountainside to do what they have to do. What they need to do. Many years after losing his own pack, his family, an act he blames himself for, Alpha-Were Castiel is skilled at not giving himself even the smallest of pleasures, including that of a pack. An alpha needs a pack. It’s written into their DNA. It’s so much more than just having a mate. It’s the pack bonds that make an alpha whole, and the longer Castiel denies himself one, the more he loses of his humanity. When a drunken, desperate act brings a beautiful, vibrant omega to his doorstep with a disastrous winter storm nipping at his heels, Castiel knows he does not deserve the gift. Sending Dean back down the mountain would be certain death for the young were, but allowing him to stay will undoubtedly change Castiel’s life forever. Maybe it’s time for Castiel to leave his darkness in the past, where it belongs. With Dean standing next to him on the precipice, there’s nothing left for Castiel to do but close his eyes, take a breath, and leap.

Close Up & Personal
Written by: sternchencas
Art by: maskofcognito
Beta/Editor: punk-is-notdead
Rating: Teen and Up
Word Count: 19,358
Warnings/Tags: No Major Archive Warnings, Paparazzi!Dean, Celebrity!Cas, author!Cas, Enemies to Lovers, Cas with cats
Summary: To help his brother Sam to pay for law school, Dean Winchester works as a paparazzi. His current target, award-winning author Jimmy Novak, is so camera shy that most people don’t even know what he looks like, unlike Dean, who finds out when he literally runs into the man. When Jimmy confronts him about ruining his life, Dean tries to change his ways, and in a sudden turn of events, he gets to unravel the secret that is Jimmy Novak, or better, Castiel.

Finding You, In Pieces of Me
Written by: lunastories
Art by: saawek
Beta/Editor: willowywings, wargurl83, ladyblacklodge, & punk-is-notdead
Rating: Mature
Word Count: 21,250
Warnings/Tags: No Major Archive Warnings, Fluff, Angst, Happy Ending, Post Sam’s Fall Into The Pit, Dean Learns to love himself, and Cas, Trueform Castiel, Canon Universe
Summary: Dean is jaded after the loss of his brother and left with little to no hope in humanity. Castiel decides to show the world and humanity from his perspective so that Dean can regain the spark that he’s lost. They visit seven locations that have significance to Castiel. From the Cave of Crystals inhabited by an ancient eel spirit to the Atacama Desert haunted by a heartbroken woman, Dean goes through a journey of self-discovery. Slowly, Dean falls for Castiel and the world the angel sees.

Whenever I Am Alone With You
Written by: casloveshisfreckles
Art by: saawek
Beta/Editor: fanforfanatic
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 22,948
Warnings/Tags: No Major Archive Warnings, Destiel - Freeform, rockstar!Dean, Author!Cas, Secret Relationship, Dean In Panties, Dom/sub undertones, Easy Breath Play, Edging, Blow Jobs, Rimming, Switch Dean, Switch Cas, bottoming from the top, Fluff, Soft Boys, Domestiel, Spanking, Happy Ever After
Summary: Dean is wrapping up a tour and Cas is starting his next book, putting them in New York together, giving them a few days to enjoy each other. A simple joke leads to the decision they’ve spent their whole lives readying for. The one major obstacle: coming clean to Sam after all this time. After all the lies truths they’ve omitted.

Coming Clean
Written by: obessive-mishamigo
Art by: strenchencas
Beta/Editor: mistresspandora
Rating: Mature
Word Count: 17,641
Warnings/Tags: No Major Archive Warnings, First Times, Drug Lords, Minor Character Death, Detox, Withdrawal - detox symptoms, smut, hint of Sabriel
Summary: Everything changed when Castiel let Charlie convince him to have some fun for once. He found himself letting loose and doing things his former self would never dream of doing. That’s when he met Dean and let himself be pulled further into the dangers of the drug world.

A World As Yet Unseen
Written by: thedogsled
Art by: pantydean (aka: cryptomoon)
Beta/Editor: idjiotsaviors
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 17,839
Warnings/Tags: No Major Archive Warnings, Blind Dean Winchester, Blind Character, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Canon-Typical Violence, Time Travel Fix-it, Unsafe Sex, Pianist Dean Winchester, John Winchester’s A+ Parenting, Loss of Parent(s), Mentions of Cancer, Lawyer Sam Winchester, Dream Sex, Unrequited Love, Guardian Angels, Premature Ejaculation, Switch Castiel, Switch Dean Winchester
Summary: This is how it’s always been, as far as Dean knows. He’s always been a disappointed son, he loves playing the piano, and he’s been blind since the incident in his brother’s nursery when he was only four. How things came to be this way Dean doesn’t know, but it doesn’t matter; this is his life, and he lives comfortably enough. He gets a little work at a local bar, free drinks during and after his set, and now and again he even manages to pick someone up. Which is where Castiel comes in. Funny, sweet and sort of adorably oblivious, Dean falls for him straight away. And really, who wouldn’t?


Love Bites
Author: malmuses
Artist: pallasperilous
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 34k
Summary: Cas Novak graduated with a 4.0 in Mathematics, but not even Naomi Novak’s money could help him at job interviews. Anxious and dissatisfied with life, at nearly thirty he’s still washing dishes in the back of his best friend Hannah’s café. Until one night when his cat drags an injured bat into his apartment. Dean may be a vampire, but he’s not an asshole (well, not much.) He feels like he owes the awkward guy for rescuing him from the cat’s clutches, so he sets about changing Cas’s life. A silly story about families who aren’t quite what they seem, fake boyfriends, and falling in love with someone who’s never, technically, met you

You and Us
Author: casloveshisfreckles
Artist: leafzelindor
Beta: fanforfanatic
Rating: E
Word Count: 33,238
Summary: When the invitation for Dean’s twenty-fifth high school reunion arrives in the mail, he tosses it straight to the trash. That’s Dean’s past and if there’s anything he knows, it’s to leave the past where it belongs, far far away. His daughter Emma has other ideas and Dean finds himself facing down his past and the one that got away. He doesn’t know what it could mean for him, his daughter, or their future. Maybe happy ever after

When In Vegas
Authors: dmsilvisart and tobythewise
Artist: delicious-irony
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 16,500
Summary: Dean has figured out the most perfect prank. The prank to top every other prank. Ever. Getting his best friend drunk and then convincing him they’d gotten married in their drunken stupor was easy. Dealing with Castiel telling him he’s been in love with Dean for years? Well, that’s a different thing entirely. Castiel wakes up married to the love of his life who he’s been secretly pining over for years. Now he just has to convince Dean that he’ll be the best husband ever, making sure Dean will never regret the decision he made that night. Things take a terrible turn when Castiel finds out everything was a lie in the name of a prank just as Dean realizes how much he truly loves Castiel back. Will they be able to overcome this misunderstanding or was their relationship doomed before it even started?

Honesty Is All About The Timing
Author: navajoloves
Artist: shealynn88 and maimalfoi
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 12,017
Summary: Cas Novak and Dean Winchester were inseparable best friends since grade school, but Dean’s father moves Dean away when they get to high school. They connect again in college, but neither of them have been exactly honest about their sexual orientation. Not using their words leads to misunderstandings, then problems, then…?

Author: jscribbles
Artist: nathyfaith
Beta: cr-noble-writes
Rating: M
Word Count: 45,567
Summary: When Ezekiel ordered Dean to shun Castiel from the bunker–back out into the world with no home–Dean was determined to offer her resources; money, documentation, Jody’s roof over her head, and a route to follow. However, Castiel never gave him the chance to help, disappearing before Dean could even get off the phone with Jody. A year later, Dean and Sam take a case in Ann Arbour, hoping to slay the monster that’s been kidnapping and mutating small children in a nearby cavern. The case leads them to the nanny, who discovered the bloody, gruesome scene of a murder and child kidnapping. However, Dean’s world is flipped upside down when the nanny turns out to be a familiar face. Castiel’s got a job, a place to stay, and she’d ditched the dirty hoodie and green t-shirt. She’s got a whole life for herself…and Dean is thrown when Cas is less than pleased that he’s in it once again. Why is she so insistent that he and Sam leave the town, lose her number, and why is there a screaming newborn in her apartment?

You Should See Me In A Crown
Author: cr-noble-writes
Artist: obsessive-mishamigo
Beta: MalMuses
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 23k
Summary: Dean Winchester: native of Chelsea, MA, ex-Navy Seal sniper, freelance assassin. Known as The Hunter, he works with a small group of other freelance criminals in the Network, where they can share resources, vet clients, and choose targets with confidence. He never takes a job if the target doesn’t deserve their fate and he draws hard lines at assassinating people in front of their families. And he’s got a massive bone to pick with Alistair Sorokin. Castiel may be an important figure within the Russian mafia, running their gambling and prostitution rackets, but he dislikes the way the Pahkan, the boss, runs the family. Alistair is far too violent and Castiel believes it’s bad for business. Though he detests unnecessary bloodshed, it’s an easy decision for him to hire The Hunter to help him dispose of Alistair and take over the ruling seat to restore order and eliminate the unnecessary tensions and violence between the Russians, the Irish, and the Italians. Neither man is prepared for the feelings developing between them as they work through the long list of targets.

Healing an Angel
Author: noiproksa
Artist: cross-roads-blues
Beta: fangirlingtodeath513
Rating: Teen and up
Word Count: 12k
Summary: Cas has been captured by shapeshifters who have been torturing him for weeks. The aftermath is not pretty, but Dean will do anything to get his angel through this and get him to trust them again. To make matters worse, the mastermind behind Cas’ capture is still alive. Will they be able to keep him from coming after Cas again? (Intended as gen, but can be read as Destiel pre-slash.)

Please Come Back To Me
Author: rhapsodyjack
Artist: harplesscastiel
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 23,967
Summary:“Dean… what year do you think it is?” Dean wakes up in hospital with a ring on his finger and eight years of lost memories. Frustrated with the lack of information and the vague answers Sam gives to his questions – The doctor said we can’t overload you with too much new information all at once! – Dean sneaks out of the house and takes matters into his own hands. Apparently the Cas the chick he thought as his wife is actually Cas the dude and his husband. And he has kids. Well shit.

Author: supernatural9917fic
Artist: delicious-irony
Beta: athaclena
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 10,323
Summary: “Castiel decides not to work with the angels to find Kelly Kline, and instead goes back to the bunker to work with the Winchesters. He ends up finding common ground with Mick Davies, especially after he saves Claire with the werewolf cure. Dean finds their new friendship extremely annoying for some reason he can’t quite put his finger on…

Mildred In The Middle
Author: punk-is-notdead
Artist: dmsilvisart
Beta: emblue-sparks
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 24,252
Summary: Dean Winchester is mostly happy with his life. A job he loves, Jack - his cat, Mildred - the elderly lady he visits everyday through the befriending program for whom to cook and keep company, and… well, maybe a boyfriend or girlfriend would be nice too. If it wasn’t for Mildred’s irritating neighbour trying to tell Dean that everything he’s doing is wrong, things would be even better. Castiel Novak has a job he enjoys, Meg - his cat who won’t stay put, an irritating brother, and a lovely elderly neighbour - Mildred - for whom he would like to help care for. If only her befriender Dean wasn’t so stubborn, and would let him be involved instead of disagreeing with all of his suggestions, his life would be easier and happier. Following an increasingly petty series of letters, Dean and Castiel finally meet, and sparks fly. Now, they just have to work out how to stop arguing and work together.

Gods of Elysia
Author: PassionPhantom
Artist: bihuntersandgayangels
Beta: punk-is-notdead, theirprofoundbond
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 35,909
Summary: Caught in a war between the Gods of Virtue and the Gods of Vanity, Dean Winchester is a man of no faith. He doesn’t believe in fate, the gods or even love. But when his brother, Sam, is nearly killed he finally prays to Castiel, the one and only virtuous god of love, in order to save Sam’s life. Dean binds his mind, body, and soul to the archaic deity and finally now has to learn what it means to have faith.

Repainted Imperfections
Author: violetdean
Artist: blueeyesandpie
Beta: thursdays-fallen-angel, wanderingcas
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Word Count: 27,101
Summary: Cas had never really expected his life to change, it had always been a series of miseries and accidental brushstrokes on an already messy canvas and he’d made peace with it long ago, but all it takes is a lonesome Monday lunch period and a boy with that perfect shade of green in his eyes to make Castiel decide he doesn’t want that anymore. The only question is, will this masterpiece of a boy accept Castiel for the ruined portrait he is?

Lux Aeterna
Author: ilovetodreamx (thatpeculiarone)
Artist: hitori-alouette
Rating: Mature
Word Count: 28272
Summary: Growing up Dean’s life was completely normal. Oh… apart from the fact that he can see ghosts. Dean has known Cas for 26 years, since he was just four years old. What started out as a platonic relationship, with Cas being Dean’s friendly neighbourhood “mentor ghost”, began to evolve when Dean entered college and he realised he was in love with the ghost that haunted him. Problem? Cas still sees Dean as the four year old who had always been able to see him. And when Dean finally confesses his feelings, Cas is unable to reciprocate them. After a stir in the spiritual world causes ghosts to go missing, Cas and Dean begin to work the case to try and solve the mystery occurrence. As they work together, Dean does his best to change Cas’ perspective of him. To make Cas see him for the adult he is, and not the little boy he once knew. However, will he be able to get Cas to give him a chance or will the strange force take Cas before it’s too late?

Author: foxymoley
Artist: cryptomoon
Beta: malmuses
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 20,068
Summary: No one believes four year old Dean when he sees a ghost in Sam’s nursery so as soon as he and Sam are old enough they travel the country to investigate and film hauntings for proof. After a potential case is solved by a mysterious hunter, the Winchester’s meet Cas investigating…Bigfoot?! With the help of local witch (and old friend of Cas’, Rowena) they discover that Bigfoot is not what it seems. A case fic with a dash of romance and sex as Dean travels home, keeping long distance contact with Cas along the way.

Title: Love Conquers All
Author: flaming-celestial-comet
Artist: blueeyesandpie
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 20,513
Summary: Dean and Cas have known each other for years, going to school and competing on the track team together. But they are worlds away from each other. Dean is a star player on the football team, and Cas keeps to himself in the marching band. On the first day of their junior year, they’re paired up for a research project in their English class. Thanks to some help from Castiel’s best friend Charlie, they soon become great friends. This close friendship soon turns into something more, a relationship they keep secret from everyone except Dean’s brother and their best friend. But what happens when everyone finds out?