Dean/Cas Pinefest

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Name: Dean/Cas Pinefest
Date(s): 2017 - present
Type: Big Bang - Fanfiction, Fanart
Fandom: Supernatural
Associated Community:
URL: deancaspinefest
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The Dean/Cas Pinefest is a big bang challenge in Supernatural fandom, focused on the pairing of Dean Winchester/Castiel. Authors have to write a minimum of 20,000 words, and artists have to make a minimum of two pieces.



…And You Can Leave Your Wizard Hat On
fic by tikistitch with art by kuwlshadow

Along My Restless Palms
fic by sass-master-stina with art by winchester-reload

Alrighty Aphrodite
fic by dreamsfromthebunker with art by thevioletcaptain

Back the Way You Came
fic by tellthenight with art by shinychimera

Call to the Bullpen
fic by darcydelaney with art by stopwatch

Chasing Life
fic by zerostumbleine33 with art by feministcastiel

Colder Weather
fic by shannonkind with art by keylimedean

Forget the Sky
fic by loversantiquities with art by guineapwheek

If You Get Lost, You Can Always Be Found
fic by winjennster with art by delicirony

Illimitable Isles
fic by sandares with art by mycolour

It’s a Long Life to Always Be Longing
fic by superhoney with art by entirely-the-wrong-sort

Leave Me in the Mountains
fic by carrieosity with art by peanutbutterthenjelly

Longing For Home
fic by teacass with art by nonexistenz

Looking for a Sign
fic by emwebb17 with art by dragonpressgraphics

Looking For Group
fic by knittedgauntlets with art by thebadwolfgoddess

One plus one is less than three (1+1 = <3)
fic by shadowcat221b with art by izulkowa

So Much Tangled Thread
fic by thevioletcaptain with art by sketchydean

Someone Who’s Feeling For Me
fic by ellispark with art by shinychimera

The Exception To Every Rule
fic by mittensmorgul with art by horrorfemme

The Ocean Between Us
fic by noxsoulmate with art by made-of-stardusts

Wayward Pines and Buttercream Dahlias
fic by microespressos with art by purzelndesbaeumchen

You’re Not Alone
fic by wordsintothevoid with art by xnormalityworksx


If Love Was a River
fic by loversantiquities | art by subtextiel

Heroes for Ghosts
fic by pantheonofdiscord | art by maiglöckchen

The Scent of Magic
fic by dr-dean | art by cenedrariva

Winchester 275
fic by mittensmorgul | art by whichstiel

It Starts With a Kiss
fic by jhoom | art by ricketyjukeboxer

Like Curving Colour
fic by robotsnchicks | art by dogsled

Attention Interest Desire Action
fic by procasdeanating | art by exceptcas

‘Connections’ with Castiel
fic by bluemasquerade | art by delicious-irony

Turn the World to Gold
fic by teacass + superhoney | art by thevioletcaptain

Cat-and-Mouse… And Cat
fic by paperann | art by dmsilvisart

Whispers in the Wind
fic by cenedrariva | art by purzelndesbaeumchen

Ships in the Night
fic by thetwistedwillow | art by pbj*fish

Find Our Way
fic by youaresunlight (puppycastiel) | art by miggles-scribbles

Dig the Devil’s Blood
fic by carrieosity | art by correlia-be

From Sea to Shining Sea
fic by mscaptainwinchester | art by cryptomoon

A Wonderful Mess We’ve Made
fic by flightoftheseraph (seraphwrites) | art by shadowpaintedrose

Merger in the Woods
fic by tobythewise | art by spnheart

fic by dogsled | art by blu

Pining Sickness; or, Murder with One Stone
fic by athaclena | art by imtoobiforyou

Because This Moment Simply Is
fic by ilovelucey | art by dreym

Winding Roads, Blinding Lights
fic by grumpyphoenix | art by thevioletcaptain

Breaking the Rules
fic by legendsofsnark | art by dreamsfromthebunker

The Rigged Mandela Effect
fic by starespressos | art by starmouse123

Love Has a Quiet Voice
fic by casloveshisfreckles | art by correlia-be

Genie in a Bottle
fic by thepopeisdope | art by missaceriee

The Great Escape
fic by deaneatscake | art by kuwlshadow

Pies and Prejudice
fic by cassiebobassie | art by wheres-cas

The Sacredness of Tears
fic by ladyofthursday | art by dmsilvisart

The Shape of Regret
fic by halzbarry | art by throughxthexice

Raining at Sunset
fic by livinginthequestion | art by maiglöckchen

Good Things
fic by fallenandthefaithless | art by cryptomoon

Somewhere We Belong
fic by zaphodsgirl | art by imtoobiforyou

Picture Perfect World
fic by pherryt | art by dogsled

Little Blue Dragon
fic by saltnhalo | art by elliottranstrex

The Shop on the Corner
fic by cascase | art by bs-acorns

So Make it Count
fic by atomicdetectivehideout | art by boopliette

Highway 9
fic by ellispark (solo author)


In the Crosshairs
by hectatess with art by beesandbroomsticks

Talkin’ Bear Mountain Picnic
by mittensmorgul with art by bihuntersandgayangels

Desire and Decorum
by snarkysnartes with art by wigglebox

Strength in Numbers
by paperann with art by kampfhomo

Men’s Eight
by hhoneycas with art by thevioletcaptain

The Greatest International Love Story the World Has Ever Seen
by malmuses with art by blueeyesandpie

Autumn in His Eyes
by desirae with art by hitori-alouette

When You Say Nothing At All
by trenchcoatbaby with art by foxymoley

First and Only
by almaasi with art by bihuntersandgayangels

Dark Blue, Dark Blue
by ellenofoz with art by oubliette-od

Nine Steps Out of the Friendzone
by kitmistry with art by dmsilvisart

Where the Lightning Strikes the Sea
by thepopeisdope with art by delicious-irony

Have You Tried Turning it Off and On Again?
by anyrei + mugglerock with art by thevioletcaptain

Lightning in a Bottle
by bumocusal with art by oubliette-od

by carrieosity with art by horrorfemme


A Distance of 2,800 Miles
Fic by Danica_Dust | Art by Amethyst Shard

All I Ever Wanted
Fic by dates-with-cas/xxenjoy | Art by deathbycoldopen

Always Together, Eternally Apart
Fic by EmiliaOagi | Art by Aceriee

Cool Rider
Fic by opal_bullets | Art by deathbycoldopen

Dear Dean
Fic by thatpeculiarone | Art by willowywings

Dear Temporary Neighbour
Fic by thefandomsinhalor | Art by kysprite

Garrison Records
Fic by dark3rainbow | Art by kysprite

Ghost Light
Fic by grumpyphoenix | Art by somethingaboutnoodles

Gods Damned Cat
Fic by wargurl83 | Art by imogenbynight

Happily Ever After
Fic by castielslostwings | Art by Anyrei

House of Memories
Fic by Maleyah | Art by dmsilvisart

How Do You Talk to An Angel?
Fic by supernatural9917 | Art by delicious-irony

Fic by undersail2013 | Art by imogenbynight

Fic by kitmistry | Art by whichstiel

Remember Me After the Storm
Fic by desiraelovesdestiel (desirae) | Art by dmsilvisart

Someone, Somewhere
Fic by wigglebox | Art by BeesAreAwesome

Sugar and Smoke
Fic by almaasi | Art by purzelndesbaeumchen

Fic by ellispark | Art by kuwlshadow

The Curious Case of Cuthbert Sinclair
Fic by MalMuses & EllenOfOz | Art by somethingaboutnoodles

The Handyman’s Special
Fic by carrieosity | Art by delicious-irony

To See and To Protect
Fic by spnsmile | Art by Angeltortured

Welcome to Pine Shores
Fic by andimeantittosting | Art by imogenbynight

When I Walk in a Dream (Dream No More)
Fic by Hectatess | Art by Angeltortured

Words I Couldn’t Say
Fic by turningthepages | Art by purplepumpkin

Write First Then Read
Fic by mittensmorgul (mittenwraith) | Art by dmsilvisart

What Stays (and What Fades Away)
Fic by dothraki_shieldmaiden | Art by skeletonsinzeeclost