David Nolande

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Name: David Nolande
Abbreviation(s): n/a
Creator: Nicolas Cuche [Director]
Date(s): 2006
Medium: Television
Country of Origin: France
External Links: n/a
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David Nolande is a six-episode TV show that aired on the French Network France 2 in 2006.


After a party to celebrate the success of an advertising campaign he worked on, David Nolande [Frédéric Diefenthal] is caught in a car accident as he drives back home. A black dog suddenly appears on the road in front of him, and when he takes a sudden turn to avoid the animal, his car crashes into a van nearby, killing its only occupant, a gypsy tarot reader.

After a few days of coma, he has to go to the justice court about the accident, and is warned by the dead's family that he will have to find forgiveness for the old woman's death. The gypsy family leader, Alexian, puts a spell on him. Shortly after, David begins to have premonitory dreams about strangers. He has to find and save those persons. If he doesn't succeed he will lose one of his family members.

David finds himself struggling with this new life and also has to deal with his close ones' (especially his wife) lack of understanding about what is going through.


David Nolande is mostly influenced by the thriller and the paranormal. There is an X-Files taste to it, though the French TV shows might fall more on the esoteric side, including with the recurrent apparitions of the black dog, the premonitory dreams and the story of the season finale.


Despite being aired on prime time on one of the biggest French networks, and with good viewership results, the TV show wasn't followed by the production system. When it comes to the audience, there was some buzz online, and on certain discussion sites, such as Allocine.

Though most people who had followed the show enjoyed the way it was being more modern and closer to the solid entertainment US TV series could provide, some others considered it a very pale remake of such projects. People were looking forward a second season, which sadly never occured.

When it comes to fan productions, almost none can really be found online, letting supposing that the fandom might not be that big, even though clips were shared on Youtube.

One case of clip theft nevertheless occurred there in 2007, when the video One Thing You Should Know by Aruna7 was reposted on Youtube with the credits cut off. After a while, and with the help of various people, including fellow vidders from the Stargate board Kawoosh see discussion here (archive link), the stolen vid was finally deleted from the site.

Aruna7 created three other videos that fully or partly featured David Nolande, which are You Give Me The Courage (2010), Live To Tell The Tale (2008) and The Wonders I've Seen (2010). The Wonders I've Seen is metavideo that was made for the OTW Torrent of Our Own Multimedia Celebration Challenge.