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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Darkdancer's Page
Author: Darkdancer
Fandom: Star Trek Voyager
URL: http://members.fortunecity.com/darkdancer/ (Wayback, 2004)
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Darkdancer's Page was a personal slash fanfiction site. It was linked at CaPtive as a Chakotay/Paris site.[1]


The Egg An egg given to Tom as a child is more than it seems. And that's all I'm telling(insert evil crackle) 1. The Chosing 2. The Awakening 3. The Hatching 4. The Bonding 5. The Connection 6. The Sight 7. The Return 8. The Weakness 9.The Becoming.

Ly'siala Pwp of all Pwps. Tom goes looking for his ideal mate. C/P J/Tu. (J/P, P/K, Tu/P, P/T, P/other implied)

Shoop Shoop Tom thinks about Chakotay as he sings a song. Kinda sad.

Cavern Tom and an away team fall into a cavern. No pairing. Tom makes up a song. Humerous.

Lift the Veil A very angsty story c/p eventually but a lot of Tom angst leading up to it. probably will be my longest story to date. Tom is falling into a downward spiral. But no one notices until...

Rumors A sequel/interlude to Lift the Veil. What will the rumor mill make of Tom and Chakotay?

Bad Tom, Bad! Sequel to Rumors. Tom and Chakotay have been together for a while. But Tom breaks one of the cardinal rules and must now face the consequences. PWP

Truth Unveiled The sequel series to Lift the Veil, Rumors, and Bad Tom, Bad! Voyager gets home. But just as it seems everything is fine things get complicated. Complete

Orders Fluff. Pure Fluff. Naughty fluff but fluff

Reasons why pool is the best game in Star Trek

Distraction PWP, first time. Chakotay has developed a phobia of caves. Tom distracts him. Repeat:PWP

Dreams Chakotay's having ever more erotic dreams about Tom. Seska begins to suspect something. What will she do about her suspicions? Proluge Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7

Child of War Poor Tom. as if life on voyager wasn't hard enough I went and gave him a god of war for a father. His father wants him to be a god. He doesn't want to. An argument with his invisible-to-mortal-eyes father leaves the crew of Voyager thinking he's insane. Chakotay has to 'keep an eye on him'. But Tom has a crush on the commander. So whatever is he to do? This story was inspired by the choice, the charade, and the change by Leone.

You Wish Mary Sue Short. sweet. funny. Something to alleviate all the angst I'm planning, with enough incentive. (shamelessly begging for feedback)

A Helping Hand Tom loves Chakotay. Chakotay hates Tom. Tom's 'Invisible friend' decides to lend him a hand. Major Tom angst later. About his childhood.


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