Dark Time

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Title: Dark Time
Author(s): Katrina Bowen
Length: 8,309 words
Genre: slash
Fandom: Due South/The Sentinel
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Dark Time is a Due South Sentinel story by Katrina Bowen. The pairings are Fraser/Vecchio and Jim/Blair.


"Jim and Blair are in Chicago so Blair can confer with a noted anthropologist, Dr. Barstowe. Jim wanders around the museum while waiting for Blair to finish, only to overhear an altercation involving Blair. As he and Benton Fraser, who is also at the museum, rush over to investigate, they learn that Dr. Barstowe's former student has stolen valuable artifacts that he plans to use in a ritual during the upcoming eclipse. Blair insists they investigate, so they stop by the Chicago PD to pick up Ray, who is the only person with the authority to do so."

Reactions and Reviews

Unknown Date

To the best of my knowledge, this is the first DS/TS crossover ever written, which would make it worth reading just for that. Happily, there are more reasons as well. Katrina has a deft touch with all of the characters here, including the secondary characters from Due South that appear (the story takes place in Chicago), and has both a plausible reason for Jim and Blair to be in Chicago, and a suitably wacky (yet genuine) case for the four of them to be caught up in. It's just fun, watching Jim be grouchily agreeable, Fraser be politely manipulative, Ray be snarkily abrasive and yet totally supportive, and Blair be focused and enthused. She really pulled off having these characters meet and be a bit taken aback by each other, but mesh into a solid working group. [1]


I like this because it captures the quirkiness and patter of dS (including a stop at Ray's mom's house) as well as the banter between Jim and Blair. It was posted in 1997 while TS was still airing; Blair is younger here and the dissertation hasn't become a sore point yet. This has the distinction of being the first crossover posted at the old 852 archive.

Note: At her now-defunct fic site, this was titled "In a Dark Time". [2]


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