Dark Side of the Soul

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Title: Dark Side of the Soul
Author(s): Anne Motley
Cover Artist(s): Michelle West
Date(s): 1993
Medium: print
Fandom: Highlander
Language: English
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front cover by Michelle West

Dark Side of the Soul is a gen 50-page Highlander novel written by Anne Motley and illustrated by Michelle West.

From On the Double: "The first all-Highlander zine! A novella... [that] picks up at the end of the second season; in which Tessa does not die... contains graphic violence and some mature themes but an age statement is not required."

From Bill Hupe's catalog: "Story takes place between 1stand 2nd season. "You can only kill an Immortal by beheading him but there was nothing that said you couldn't break one. And the ten men found dumped on the beach in the last nine months had all been over the edge ... Would Duncan be next?""