Dark Shadows Music Videos

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Title: Dark Shadows Music Videos
Creator: SJ Productions
Date: 1990s?
Format: VCR vid
Fandom: Dark Shadows

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cover of videotape

Dark Shadows Music Videos is a compilation songtape of fan vids edited by SJ Productions. It was released sometime in the 1990s and has the subtitle: "Contains 5 New Music Videos and 5 Oldies But Goodies."


  • Song:#1 At The Blue Whale. Vidder's Title: “Oldies But Goodies”
  • Song:My Special Angel. Vidder's Title: “Clutched By An Angel”
  • Song:Baroque-A-Nova. Vidder's Title: “1795 Over The Rainbow”
  • Song:You Don’t Own Me. Vidder's Title: “Girl Trouble”
  • Song:Poor Side Of Town. Vidder's Title: “Wuthering Frights”
  • Song:I Couldn’t Live Without Your Love. Vidder's Title: “Julie, Julie, Julie Do You Love Me”
  • Song:In My World Of Dark Shadows. Vidder's Title: “DS New Music Videos”
  • Song:Always On My Mind. Vidder's Title: “Always In My Heart”
  • Song:Dreamtime. Vidder's Title: “I Like Dreamin’”
  • Song:Prologue/Twilight. Vidder's Title: “Hold On Tight To Your Dreams
  • Song:I Saved The World Today. Vidder's Title: “An Antihero’s Work Is Never Done”
  • Song:Crockett’s Theme. Vidder's Title: “All About Adam”