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Name: Damien Vryce
Occupation: Warrior Priest (Reverend), Sorcerer (part-time)
Fandom: The Coldfire Trilogy
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Damien Vryce is one of the main characters in the series The Coldfire Trilogy, and the plot series is mostly explored through his perspective.[1]


A Warrior Priest of the Church of Human Unification on Erna. At the start of the tale he is firmly devoted to his faith, almost to the point of zealotry. He is highly experienced in combat, having traveled all over the Western Continent battling demons and malignant Fae-Constructs in service of his Church. Ironically enough, he is also a moderately skilled sorcerer, one of the few in his order.

He comes from the jurisdiction of the Matriarch of the West, one of the two primary leaders of the Church. He is more flexible in regards to the teachings of their faith, and believes that it may actually be of use to the Church for certain priests to be allowed to Work the Fae, just as the Neocount of Merentha once suggested. Damien is part of the order of knights he enlisted with the task of learning to Work the Fae, and to teach the ability to fledgling warriors across the world.

In traveling with the fallen Prophet, Gerald Tarrant, his initially stern views on right and wrong are tested and warped, as he is forced to accept the help of and to save the life of an individual he normally would have died to kill. In the end, he must find a way to meld his faith with necessity, risking everything he is to save humanity.


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