Daemons Photography and the Male Gaze

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Title: Daemon SJ AU Universe, or Daemons, Photography, and the Male Gaze
Creator: Alicorn
Date(s): December 2013 - September 2017
Medium: Blog Posts
Fandom: His Dark Materials
External Links: The Blog Archived Version
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Daemons Photography and the Male Gaze is the title of the first post of a fanwork formatted as a series of blog posts, written by Alicorn. This article will be referring to the whole set of posts, but is titled what it is to give the article a title as the series as a whole doesn't have a set name.

This work in general is part of Alicorn's "SJ AU" series, which are usually formatted as in-character posts on a blogging platform, usually tumblr, and this follows that formatting. The central character in this work is a original character in the world of His Dark Materials , or at least a world with Daemons. This work is set up as a series of blog posts on Tumblr where the character writes several posts on the subject of how Daemons (often specifically women's and girl's daemons) are depicted in television and media in-universe. They use language reminiscent of various versions of feminist theory, Tumblr style "SJ" or "social justice", and media and tv studies.