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Title: DXC
Publisher: John-Gordon Swogger
Editor(s): John Jordon Swogger
Date(s): 1995-?
Medium: print
Fandom: multimedia & Doctor Who
Language: English
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DXC is a gen multifandom and Doctor Who anthology of fiction and artwork. There are at least 8 issues.

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6

Issue 7

Issue 8

Reactions and reviews

John-Gordon Swogger edits a fanzine entitles DXC. This fanzine has been running for more than two years, has seen a regular and growing readership, and just released its eighth issue. The zine contains an excellent collection of fiction, art, and reviews, and is priced such that it won't make a dent in your wallet. What impressed me the most about DXC (called that for no reason whatsoever) is the quality of artwork. John-Gordon Swogger not only edits this fanzine and contributes some of the stories, he puts together some fine pieces for your enjoyment, including two comic strips. His style is quite refined, and a little dark. Of particular note is the comic strip, 'The last renegade', which features some very creepy pictures of aliens, and a writing style that walks a fine balance between science fiction and fantasy. John also is able to draw on an array of talented writers and artists, including our own Martin Proctor. There is some good poetry from Paul Brown (with apologies to Wilfred Owen) and good short fiction by Catherine Stapeley, Dave Rolinson, and Ian Mercer. Although the issue itself contains nothing which I found objectionable, it should be noted that a couple of stories would rate higher than PG-13, and I spotted a swear word or two. John describes the attitude of his fanzine thus: some DXC contributors like the New Adventures, and write in that style and milleaux, while some are more fans of the TV style and write in that vein. The fanzine's focus has been very wide indeed, and some stories taking place within the Doctor Who universe, but not featuring the Doctor; previous issues have featured stories about Vorg and Shirna (from Carnival of Monsters), the Myrkka, Nyssa and the Cybermen. Make no mistake, however: this fanzine's focus is definitely Doctor Who. DXC is put together with care and affection, if not a big budget. The fanzine itself appears to have been photocopied, and consists of A4 sheets stapled together. However, the photocopying is of high quality, the text is laser printed on a layout that's elegant in it's simplicity, and I've already mentioned the quality of art and writing. The low-tech production values pay off in terms of the issue's price. Issue 8 was really a combined issue 7 & 8 and was 60 pages long. It is thus quite a deal.[1]


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