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Name: DLsite
Owner/Maintainer: EISYS, Inc. (previously known as Aoki Systems, Ltd.)
Dates: July 1996 - present
Type: Digital marketplace
Fandom: Panfandom/original work
URL: https://www.dlsite.com
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DLsite is an online store which facilitates the selling of digital doujin items (such as doujinshi and fangames). The site is owned by the Japanese company EISYS, Inc.

It was originally founded in July 1996 under the name "Soft Island" ("Soft" being Japanese for "software") but rebranded to DLsite.com in January 2001.

An English version of DLsite launched in February 2004. The English version also offers "How to shop at DLsite" guides in Chinese, Spanish, German, French, and Italian.

By April 2010, over ten thousand doujin circles had registered to sell works on DLsite.

In May 2016 a DLsite version in Taiwanese Mandarin was launched by Taiwan G2 Corporation.

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