DJ Driscoll's Songtapes

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Title: DJ Driscoll's Songtapes
Creator: DJ Driscoll
Date: ?
Format: VHS
Fandom: Multiple, see list below
back of the flyer advertising the song tape collection

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DJ Driscoll's Songtapes are a series of songtape collections on VHS tapes created by DJ Driscoll of her songvids. The original master tapes were lost in a hurricane, so only copies of copies survive.

Tape One

  • I'LL BE MELLOW WHEN I'M DEAD (for Bodie of the Professionals)
  • DETERIORATA (the Pros)
  • TOO LONG A SOLDIER (Bodie/the Pros) (won a vid show award)
  • ROCKIN' ROBIN (Robin of Sherwood)
  • ONLY THE RIVERS RUN FREE (Robin of Sherwood) (won a vid show award)
  • PLAY THE GAME TONIGHT (Alien Nation)
  • HALO (Doyle/the Pros)
  • HOLD ON (Bodie/the Pros) (won a vid show award)
  • THE WORLD IN MY EYES (for Crockett/Castillo of Miami Vice) (won a vid show award)
  • WHY DON'T WE GET DRUNK AND SCREW? (the Pros) (won a vid show award)
  • THAT'S THE WAY (WE) LIKE IT (the Pros, with added live footage) (won a vid show award)
DJ produced complex title cards, something that was not common among vidders of the 1980s).

Tape Two

  • HEARTBREAKER (Doyle/the Pros)
  • SHOCK THE MONKEY (Bodie/the Pros)
  • ISTANBUL (the Man From UNCLE)
  • MASTER AND SERVANT (Blake's 7)
  • COLD (Avon/Blake's 7) (won a vid show award)
  • OUTLAW BLUES (Blake/Blake's 7)
  • WE TWO ARE ONE (the Pros)
  • DON'T PUT IT IN YOUR MOUTH (the Pros) (won a vid show award)
  • REAL MAN (Multi-Media)
  • WIND OF CHANGE (Illya/the Man From UNCLE) (won a vid show award)
  • WHY DON'T WE DO IT IN THE ROAD? (Multi-Media)

Tape Three

  • CLOSE TO THE EDIT (the Pros)
  • WHERE YOU GOING NOW? (the Pros) (won a vid show award)
  • TRIGGER HAPPY (Bodie/the Pros) (won a vid show award)
  • I NEED A HERO (Battlestar Galactica)
  • DID YOU EVER HAVE TO MAKE UP YOUR MIND? (Starbuck/ Battlestar Galactica)
  • IT'S HARD TO BE (Starbuck/BG)
  • SILENT RUNNING (the Pros) (Made with Marilyn Frank)
  • DON'T YOU LOVE ME ANYMORE? (the Pros) (won a vid show award)
  • SOLDIER IN THE RAIN (Bodie/the Pros/Alternate Universe) (won a vid show award)
  • CHROME PLATED HEART (the Wild Wild West)
  • STANDING OUTSIDE THE FIRE (the Wild Wild West)
the errata notice was stapled to the bottom of the songvid flyer

Several Battlestar Galactica vids did not make it to tape 3. In an errata taped to the bottom of the songvid flyer DJ wrote:

"ERRATA ALERT!!! Due to Extreme Technical Difficulties the four Battlestar Galactica Music Videos that were created in Phoenix are unable to be duplicated in Seattle .... Tape Three Master now includes all six Professionals and the two Wild, Wild West vids. The price for Tape Three (without BG vids) is $8 in Person or $10 thru the mail. If you are a Galactica fan and still desire the additional four vids, arrangements can be made for them to be added separately to the end of Tape Three by Kandy Fong in Phoenix and mailed directly from there to you. She will also have Complete copies of Tape Three with her on her Dealer's Table at Revelcon in Houston. Please call me at [phone number removed] (or send me a S.A.S.E.) for special arrangements regarding the Galactica videos addition to Tape Three if you desire them .... What a mess. (Beware the Dreaded Copy-Guard Beastie!) Thanx for your patience and understanding .. Deejay"