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Name: DDTeens (DD Teens, David Duchovny Teens)
Owner/Maintainer: Sandy Lam and Jen Grady
Dates: June 7, 1995 (main site), August 1996 to about May 1997 (fanfic archive)
Fandom: The X-Files
URL: DDTeens Homepage, Archived version
DD Teens (Wayback link to another version, probably older)
slightly older
http://www.nethosting.com/~scully/ (no archived version)
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DDTeens was an X-Files website for the under-18 female fans of David Duchovny and The X-Files.

The website included the "DDTeens Mailing List" and the "DDTeens Fanfic Archive."

From the Website

"WARNING: If you do not admire or love David Duchovny of the X-Files, YOU SHOULD NOT BE HERE!!!!"

The DDTeens(David Duchovny Teens) is a list for teens 17 or under where you can e-mail your opinions and share your admiration for this wonderful, talented, and extremely attractive, actor. It's basically a group of people who love David and the X-Files. Right now, we are a small, cozy, family that are quite warm and friendly. We welcome anybody who wants to join in on this little group. Both males and females are invited.. Warning: there may be some drooling content from females! ;) [1]

So you think you have to be an adult to love, admire, respect, and drool over David Duchovny? Well, think again...

Welcome to the DDTeens homepage! We're a mailing list of about 30 gals who love, admire, and worship David Duchovny. Please note, though, that we are a CLOSED LIST.

However, we are currently accepting applications for our waiting list.[2]


The DDTeens was started back on June 7, 1995. It was started by Walter Hopgood, founder of the Duchovniks. When the Duchovniks became an NC-17 list, he made a second list for the teenage fans who were under 17. The DDTeens was the first mailing list for teenage fans of David Duchovny. We had to close the list at 30 members, due to the volume of mail.

The DDTeens Fanfic Archive was first started back in August 1996. It is basically a listing of fanfic written by our members.[citation needed]

The oldest wayback machine snapshot is from DDTeens Homepage, June 17th 1997. At one point, it was part of the Squidge.org Mailing List Service.

Fanfic Archive

DDTeens' Fan Fiction Page, Archived version

The 1996 FAQ

DDTeens FAQ, Archived version

The FAQ included these sections:


1996 Movers and Shakers

  • Chris: Image Maker
  • Jen/Kabrina: Webmistress
  • Kris: Fanfic Keeper, DD FAQ keeper
  • Sandy: Official DDTeens co-president #2(info), Blue Strawberry and Dungeon Dwellers Creator.
  • Jenn: co-president #1 and Scanner-Goddess (along with Ari), Dungeon Dwellers Saga Keeper, X-Files Circulation Story Creator.
  • Carolyn: Official Secretary
  • Walter: Our head honcho, master, sire, sir, superior being, list creator, (Thanx for creating this entire list for a teen squadron of DD lovers!)

"Our DD Laws"

From the FAQ:

'Laws?.. LAWS?!. I'm outta here!!'

Wait a sec, just a few rules to keep the list safe and happy..

Please no flames!!

Must love DD to be qualified

Play nice with the kiddies

If you want to talk about the latest XF ep, please place 'SPOILER' in subject. Why? Because there are some people that live in locations that do not show the newest ep and they are still in the last season. Therefore, they would definately not enjoy reading about the newest ep and it would spoil it for them, not to mention.. TORTURE them!

No bad mouthing GA and choosing DD over GA. She's just as talented.

Absolutely do not express any hatred for Gillian's family. She is quite happy and content, this is a list about DD!, and besides that, it's mean!

Last and not least, HAVE FUN! [3]

Dungeon Dwellers Saga

This community's members had role-playing game.

Okay, when we first started DDTeens.. we were completely homeless. Then, Kris (our heroine!), came to the rescue and invited us into the hotel mansion section of the Duchovnik (another list) Dungeon of their mansion. We've all resided in our own cozy, comfortable quarters, living in lap of luxury. The characters are us! (the DDTeens) Near the beginning, and later if the series are awakened, issues were written by members and posted up.

'AGH! I still don't gotcha!. Come again?'

I mean, this is sort of like a role playing game(RPG) where volunteerily, members write up different issues of the story with the other members and themselves...


Get it?, got it?, good.. :) You'll get the issues compiled together if you request it from our pres, Jenn. OR if you want to write X-Files stories you can join into the XF Circulation Story Series owned by Jenn(for more info, see next chapter) Please feel free to write both stories if you like!

'Oh, joy!. I wanna write!, I wanna write!'

Great!, you'll recieve permission immediately after you subscribe and are booked into a Dungeon cabin. Write freely and have fun!

'Have fun?!. Yes!, I'm gonna start a huge bomb in the Main Hall or whatever and blow up everyone sky high...'

Uh.. no. Sorry for ruining your fun but that would not be acceptable. You must make your stories enjoyable to the readers and respect each and every member. When I used the term 'freely' I merely suggested making it funny, creative, write in a style that makes you most comfortable. However, you must be realistic in ways that definately don't include detonating the entire Dungeon and Mansion! Do you realize that would end the entire series or we'd be starting the new stories from a point of view in hospital wards. See what I mean?, try to avoid starting incidents you can't complete peacefully and that won't affect the series too much! Dissaproving content will provoke your priveleges since the DDTeen members will be monitoring story actions. I'm positive that everyone will write nicely it's just that.. for extra caution.. in case some smart alec jumps aboard and really messes up the list.


'Also?!... argh'

Please refrain from describing quarters or unneccesary topics in detail for it will not only take up space but side effects will include a snoozing spell on the reader! I'm sure you won't need to memorize all I have informed you of in this subject since you most likely will be sensible enough to know the difference between a 'righty' and a 'wrongy' in this and the entire list discussions. It's easy!, you already know this stuff! [4]

Home of the Blue Strawberry


'All right, this is getting too wierd and complex for me... but since my admiration for David is a strong factor in my reasons to live, I might as well stick around to see what *this* is all about!'

This section is my favorite part.. The famous blue strawberry.. fresh and grown in the hydroponic germination pods area of the agricultural wing in the Dungeon, farmed and created by your's truly :) It's our official snacking fruit(just as good as candy, yum!, but more fulfilling and healthy)

'Oh great, getting nutrition-wise here.. besides that, incredibly silly!. How can we eat these things on the list?!'

No!, it's not real!. It's kind of like a mascot for us, a symbol.. except it's a fruit!.. you know?.. like Mcdonald's has its golden arched 'M'? It's also often mentioned in the Dungeon Dwellers Saga. Quite quite famous and you've probably seen it when you entered this web site! Yes, that large blue 'thing' at the top of the screen! :) [5]

Similar Sites

Similar sites were Smart Young X-Philes, Teenage Davidites Page (defunct, copy via wayback) and David Duchovny Teens Association (DDTA) (defunct).[6]

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