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Name: DC Comics Webring
Date Founded: January 1999 or before[1]
Fandom: DC Comics
URL: http://members.tripod.com/~pzalac/dcfan/ (Wayback)
DC Comics Webring.png

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DC Comics Webring is a webring for DC Comics fansites. The ringmaster was Paul Zalac and the ring homepage was hosted by Tripod.

Welcome to the DC Comics Webring. A Webring allows people with similar sites to connect to each other using hypertext, allowing for more hits to their site, easier site navigation for web surfers, and something else to put on your page to make it look important.

The DC Comics Webring is here for web pages totally about DC Comics past and present. If you have a web page about DC comics, feel free to add it to the ring.

There are FIVE rules for the DC Comics web ring

1) Your page must be appropriate for anyone over 13. No pornography.
2) The URL given for your web page must include the HTML for the web ring. example, if you give your page as http://www.mypage.com/dccomics/index.html, the web ring code must be on index.html. If you have frames, index.html should be a welcome page of some sort with the webring code and presumably an option to choose between frames and no frames.
3) The URL given must be mainly about DC Comics (Characters or otherwise), and not primarily an index page or general Comics page.
4) Your site should follow the DC comics rules for fan web pages
5) The Ringmaster (me, not the Daredevil villain) has the right to remove any innapropriate site at any time.
To add your site to the ring, fill out the form below, which will tell me that you want to put your DC site in the ring. After the form has been filled out and submitted, you will receive an e-mail with the HTML code that you must put on your page.[2]

Member Sites


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