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Journal Community
Name: CW_RPS
Date(s): Created on 26 June 2006
Moderator: wendy
Founder: strippedpink, wendy
Fandom: CWRPS
URL: livejournal profile

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cw_rps is a LiveJournal community for posting slash fanfic of actors from CW network shows.

In an early post, mods acknowledged that a similar community, wb_rps, already existed, "but because the new WB/UPN merger opens up lots of opportunities to explore new and interesting pairings, we felt justified in creating a space for those who might wish to do so."[1]

From the profile page:

Things you cannot post here: (aka The Rules)
  • No stories about show characters. (i.e. Jensen/Jared is wonderful, Dean/Sam is not.)
  • No icon posts or picspam links.
  • No story searches. (Try spnstoryfinders for that.)
  • No requests for writing partners, plot bunnies, RPG applicants or betas.
  • No community advertisements.
  • No posts including the words "I'm not sure if I can post this here." (If you aren't sure, read the rules. Or ask.)
  • Do not link to locked entries. [2]

As of July 2017, the community had 4,062 posts; 886 comments; and 929 members.[2]


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