Cuckoo (Angel vid)

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Title: Cuckoo
Creator: obsessive24
Date: Nov 2008
Format: Xvid .avi
Length: 3:37 minutes
Music: "Cuckoo" by I am Kloot
Fandom: Angel
URL: vid announcement
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Cuckoo is an Angel fanvid by obsessive24. The vid was made for charmax as part of her "ch_wg" project. The vid was also recommended on crack_van.

Vidder's Summary:"Where Lindsey ends and Angel begins."


  • "Ooo. I really enjoyed this. I loved all of the wonderful comparison/morphing shots. I adore Lindsey and he's kinda fascinating in regards to seeing how Angel tends to treat men and women differently -- Faith expresses remorse, he's all over that in trying to help her. Lindsey does and Angel mocks him. I think that he did see too much of himself in Lindsey, that weakness that he derides himself for in more than one episode ("It's not the monster in me that needs killing... it's the man." and whatnot). And this vid helps show that, in a lot of ways, Angel was letting himself fall into exactly the same trap that Lindsey was in during S2." ~ feedback at the vid announcement.
  • "This was riveting. Lindsey was one of my favorite characters and I really love this character study of him. I really love how Angel and Lindsey are portrayed here, how they compare and play off of each other. I never really noticed the similarities before this vid. It made me see Lindsey in a new light." ~ feedback at a fan's LJ.
  • "I absolutely love this. It totally changes the way I see Linsdey. I guess I didn't see all the parallels between Angel and Lindsey until they're all laid out. So awesome. :) Also, I couldn't agree more with I know I used to wear argyle sweater-vests for the healthy sense of irony. Now I just wear argyle sweater-vests. YES! I used to think that I was dressing up in "grown up drag"... now, I just get dressed. O_o." ~feedback at the vid announcement.
  • " obsessive24 is one of my favorite vidders, and "Cuckoo" is a fantastic example of why. It showcases Lindsey's complex relationship with Angel, and many of the rather disturbing parallels between them. When I watch this vid, Lindsey's return in season five almost makes sense to me!" ~feedback at the crack_van rec.