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Name: Ctrl Alt Del
Abbreviation(s): CAD
Creator: Tim Buckley
Date(s): October 23, 2002–present
Medium: webcomic
Country of Origin: United States
External Links: CAD
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Ctrl Alt Del is a video game/comedy/drama webcomic by Tim Buckley. It is also the source of the infamous "loss.jpg" meme.

So you had these two really popular webcomics with elements that had obvious appeal: Dudes on a couch playing video games, sexy chicks with huge boobs who wanted to bang the MC [Main Character], robots [...] But could these elements be combined? One man dared to dream they could. And in 2002 he made his dream a reality

Given what a joke it’s rightfully since become, I feel the need to emphasize that CAD was one of the big early webcomics, and helped inspire it’s own share of imitators. It’s probably fair to say that it was more influential than even Penny Arcade, in that it had more elements that could be slavishly copied and passed around.

What were early 2000's webcomics like?


While it has been a widely-known comic for years, Ctrl Alt Del has often been viewed negatively. It's a fandom meme that removing the middle two panels makes most strips funnier. [1]


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  1. ^ that thing about how removing the middle 2 panels of a cad comic makes it funnier is true, Archived version, tumblr post with discussion and examples posted by many users. Posted December 2016, with followup comments through 2018. Accessed 22 February 2022.