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Title: Crosswinds
Publisher: PaxtnKrieg
Date(s): 1998?
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: SeaQuest
Language: English
External Links: BBBK Fanzine Update, Archived version
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Crosswinds is a gen SeaQuest anthology dedicated to the characters Ben Krieg and Katie Hitchcock. It has artwork by Sandra Rolfe and stories from Michelle Vincenti, Kim Hamilton, Larie Stoley, and Melissa Wilkinson, the zine is 69 pages long. It has a color cover and is comb bound.

  • "Straight from the Heart" Author: Michelle Vincenti (Summary: They were so young then, so full of ambition and hope. They were young and reckless. Katie sighed as she remembered those times. She and Ben were so in love, they'd have done just about anything to be together.)
  • "Trust Me" Author: Kim Hamilton (Summary: It wasn't a fairy tale meeting, with classic love. No it was more of two brute forces clashing. Lucas watched Ben Krieg lean back in his seat as Katherine Hitchcock passed by his chair. The moment their eyes briefly touched, the deep sensual blue of Ben's laughing eyes, to the hot restrained passion of Katie's slate steal blue, a crackle of knowing passed between them.)
  • "The Hand of Fate" Author: Michelle Vincenti (Summary: Katie shifted a little on the couch and turned towards the fireplace, trying to avoid Ben's piercing gaze. "I tried to tell you, Ben." Hiding her emotions was becoming a futile battle...)
  • "Confessions" Author: by Larie Stoley (Summary: Without warning, the seaQuest shook violently as a torpedo hit the port side. Katie and Ben were thrown off their feet from the impact, sprawling ungracefully on the deck. Katie quickly covered her ears, trying to block the deafening roar of the explostion that followed the impact. Through the loud rumble of the explostion she heard the distinct, horrifying sound of a large amount of water running down the companionway. A loud klaxon alarm sounded through Engineering, signaling the imminent closure of the watertight doors.)
  • "A Night to Remember" Author: Michelle Vincenti (Summary: Katie Hitchcock threw her arms around him and dragged him into her apartment. She shut the door, pushed him against the wall and began kissing him passionately. After a minute or two, he pulled away, breathless.)
  • "Emily" Author: Melissa Wilkinson (Summary: Ben's mind reeled. She could not be dead. Not Katie. Not his ex-wife. He stared hard at the captain of the seaQuest, shaking his head in disbelief. Nathan felt miserable, but he'd promised Katherine Hitchcock that he'd find Ben and tell him. "Ben, there's more.")