Crossroads (ER/The Division crossover)

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Title: Crossroads
Author(s): Tucker Glenn
Date(s): 2001-2007
Genre(s): crossover
Fandom(s): ER/The Division
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Crossroads is an ER/Division crossover series by Tucker Glenn.

Summary by MJ Maven:

"It seems like a fairly straight forward assignment to Sergeant Investigator Cooper Finn when she is loaned to the San Francisco Police Department's Internal Affair's Division. She assumes it's a move by her superiors in Texas to give her a change of scenery; an assignment out of state to get her life and career back on track after the death of her partner. But instead of assisting in an investigation she finds herself a pawn in a web of intrigue and lies.
Where nobody and nothing is what it seems. Not even herself.
As potential enemies become friends, supposed allies become opponents and truths become lies, she struggles against her past to accomplish the impossible.
Save everyone."