Cross Dominance

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Title: Cross Dominance
Author(s): London Bates
Date(s): 1987
Genre: slash
Fandom: Blake's 7
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Cross Dominance is a Blake's 7 (clone/everybody) story by London Bates.

It was published in The Other Side #3 and was online.

Reactions and Reviews

Avon, Vila and Tarrant get a pleasure-slave who is "Male. Intensely male. Heroically male". His past is a mystery, and nobody knows whether he's Blake or not. This is a far better story than both the other two [in the zine]: the uncertainty is fairly nicely played, and the pace is more unforced than in Doing Time. It's still not a great story (and there are typos) but it's a more competent piece of work. [1]
A professional sex-slave who is either Blake or the clone, but "intensely male. Heroically male" -- yes, we must be in a story by London Bates again. Sex-slave romps about with Tarrant, Avon and Vila in various combinations, while the author tries to keep us in frantic suspense as to whether this is Blake or not. [2]


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