Cousins' List Page

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Name: Cousins' List Page
Type: faction website
Fandom: Forever Knight (Cousins)
URL: (archived)
Screen capture of the "Round Robins" page on the Cousins' List Page.
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The Cousins' List Page was a faction website associated with one of the Cousins' mailing lists (, which was originally set up for War 9.

Site Contents

The website included the following:

  • Information about the mailing list and website
  • Fiction archive
  • Section on Nigel Bennett (the actor who played LaCroix)
  • Section on the General's Secret Service (GSS)
  • Sound capture library

The site was ambitious in scope. The fiction archive, in particular, was set up to contain a significant number of stories, organized by title and author. A screen capture archive was also planned. However, the actuality was another matter: very few stories were ever actually included, updates were few, and the site lasted only a few years.

Fan Fiction

Fan fiction archived on the Cousins' List Page includes the following:

  • "In His Image" by Ithildin
  • "Rift Riders" (a multi-part GSS story)

Site History

The Cousins' List Page was originally at, mirrored at The Wayback Machine archives both the original and mirror sites. The copy of the mirror site is better, since more of its contents got saved: more graphics; and, in particular, more of the war posts and more sections of the GSS story.