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Journal Community
Name: court_ladies
Date(s): 2004-2013
Moderator: shediao
Founder: shediao
Type: Character focused
Fandom: Prince of Tennis

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court_ladies was a LiveJournal community dedicated to the female characters of Prince of Tennis. Pairing content was limited to M/F and a small amount of F/F. There were 262 entries and 630 comments made in the community between 2004 and 2013.

Welcome to Court Ladies. This community is dedicated to the girls of the series Tennis no Oujisama, or TeniPuri for short. Here you can discuss the female TeniPuri characters, or boy x girl pairings that you may find compatible. Before you join, please read and abide by the rules below.

1. Please stay on topic at all times. Plugging is allowed as long as it is related to the TeniPuri girls, for example, a Sakuno or Yuuta x An community/fanlisting.

2. Show good manners to and consideration for fellow members. Flame wars and such are forbidden.

3. Pairing discussions are limited to boy x girl (or girl x boy, if you prefer). There are many other communities where you can indulge in TeniPuri boy x boy discussions.

4. A tolerable amount of girl x girl discussions/fanfics is allowed (i.e. please don't go overboard).