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Title: Countrymileverse
Author(s): Jae Gecko
Date(s): 2007-2008
Length: 25,338 words
Genre: gen, slash, het
Fandom: Friday Night Lights
External Links: A Country Mile
The CountryMile-universe stories at the AO3

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The Countrymileverse is a Friday Night Lights fanwork universe. Each story was written at a time when it was still canon-compliant, but many events were subsequently "jossed" by the show. The creator, Jae Gecko, describes it as "a series of interconnecting Friday Night Lights stories set in the characters' future."[1] In terms of genre, it runs the gamut from gen to slash to het.

  • "Chains and Fetters" is a Tyra-centric story (summary: Sometimes the hardest parts are the most familiar ones) which takes place from August to December 2008.
  • "40 Miles North of Presidio" is a Tim-centric story which is also Tim/OMC and Tim/Jason, sort of (summary: Tim sets out on the road and ends up in a place he never expected) set between October 2008 and May 2009.
  • "Falling Quiet" is a Jason-centric story which also features Herc and has hints of Tim/Jason, sort of (summary: Jason and Herc, a few years on in California) written as a coda to "40 Miles North of Presidio." Takes place in May 2009.
  • "Sun of a New Season" is a Julie and Tami-centric story which is also Matt/Julie and Tami/Eric (summary: Mothers and daughters, and the way everything comes down to home) which takes place in October 2013.


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