Cosmic Borders

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Title: Cosmic Borders
Publisher: Outpost Two, a fan club in Cincinatti
Editor(s): Jim Crawford
Date(s): 1976
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS (mainly), also some other science fiction
Language: English
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Cosmic Borders is a Star Trek: TOS club zine edited by Jim Crawford, who was Outpost Two's vice-president.

front cover by Bobby Wright

While other issues were planned, it was likely the only issue.

It contains about 20 pages. They are not numbered.


  • About
  • Editorial by Jim Crawford
  • Outpost Two News, about the zine, the club, and a bio of Crawford
  • Star Trek by Season: A Different Approach, article, author is not credited
  • Star Trek products
    • a listing of 47 (mostly) for-profit Trek magazines, and the author's rating based on five stars
    • a listing of 23 AMT Model Kits, some with a bit of commentary
    • a listing of 12 toys and games
    • a listing of 20 addresses and contact information for Trek related offices (both fannish and governmental)
    • a listing of 20 sound recordings
  • a article about more Trek products
  • Closing Comments

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