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Synonyms: copylefting, copyleft
See also: Fair Use, Creative Commons
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A "copylefted" story is a story or a zine that can be copied freely.

In 2009 Sandy Herrold offered the following explanation of the term in a post to the Zinelist. It is reposted here with permission:

"Actually "copyleft" and "copylefting" are real words. They both apparently came from the early software community (70s/80s). They appear in dictionaries and are commonly used in the open source community, not-for-profit music community, online photography communities, and many others, including media fandom.
Frequently, rather than *no copyright*, copyleft is used to mean, "I specifically give you *these rights*, but not *those rights*. *Creative Commons* is one codified set of rights that makes it easy for an author or publisher to pick and chose the rights they intend to give other readers/users/listeners of their work, and there are others, too.
Some choices I've seen a lot include: you can copy this freely, but don't change so much as a single word; you can add-on to this, as long you attribute the beginning to the original author...etc."

Examples of use:

  • Look Through My Eyes, the slash Bodie/Cowley novel by Jane Carnall and Nicole Craig has this in the introduction: "This story is copylefted; share as it pleases you."