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Journal Community
Name: contrelamontre, contre la montre
Date(s): 2002-2009
Moderator: 3lbsponge, catchthecat, faelescaloris, zippitgood
Founder: ?
Type: Slash, Fanfiction, Timed Challenge
Fandom: Multifandom

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contrelamontre was a challenge community for weekly timed writing challenges. As of 2021, there were 947 members, and 2,931 entries and 22,765 comments recorded in the community.


1: This community is not limited to a certain fandom. It is, however, limited to slash, RPS as well as FPS. Het elements are allowed, of course, but slash is a requirement.

There's a special community for het and gen stories.

2: Every Thursday, 3lbsponge will post one topic, one sentence, a quote, whatever, along with instructions on how much time people are allowed to take for the writing process. We trust you not to cheat -- after all, this is about exercise, about practice. What would be the use of taking an hour when only forty-five minutes are allowed? It would defeat the purpose.

You can write your take on the topic whenever you have the time to sit down and concentrate long enough, but all stories must be posted until the following Thursday, before the next topic gets posted. You don't have to participate every time, only when you have the time and feel like writing something.

More than one entry per topic is, of course, allowed, but keep it down to a reasonable number.

3: Any- and everyone is more than welcome to suggest possible topics. If you have suggestions, please post them in reply to the most recent challenge entry.

9: As of 3/28/08, anime/video/game slash as well as original stories are now welcome at contrelamontre & ame_soeur, as the other two communities are dead.

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