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Science Fiction Convention
Name: Contraption
Frequency: annual
Location: Michigan
Founding Date:
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Contraption was a science fiction convention.

1992: Bloodsucking Contraption

May 15-17, 1992.

Heather, Marg and I are doing Contraption's artshow again. $0.25 per piece hanging fee plus 10% commission. Originals & prints welcome. Ribbons will be awarded. Mail in art to: Diana Stein .

I made great money here last year, and we have a lot of fun. This is basically a Team Eh? set up, without all (but many) of the team members. Sold 10 of the 16 shown. This year's theme is Bloodsucking, and we expect a lot of Vampires. Send other stuff as well, we get a good variety of fans. The auction team has had pirate shirts made up, so some pirate art would be fun too. [1]

1992: Con Reports

We had fun at Contraption this year. The art show pulled in over $3,200 dollars. We had over 40 artists showing in a rather smallish room that we managed to fit everyone into. We had 50 pieces sell lor one bid, and 300 go to the voice auction. We handed out ribbons, of which Joyce, Robin, Heather and myself were amid the winners. There were others, but I can't recall them while typing this. [2]