Contraband Oz

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Are you looking for the Star Wars zine Contraband?

Title: Contraband Oz
Publisher: Unit B Press
Date(s): 1999
Medium: print, zine
Genre: slash
Fandom: Oz (HBO)
Language: English
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Contraband Oz is a slash Oz anthology. It is letter-sized, has 174 pages and a color cover and extensive two toned and black and white interior art. Cover by Sugaree. The story Plots and Pops by Sugaree won a 1999 Stiffie Award for Best Short Story.

  • Collision by Gemma (a B/K pre-Oz story) (5)
  • Just Another Day in Emerald City by Ke'Anna (story) (19)
  • Proper Postage by Sly (art and story, Alvarex conjures Groves) (24)
  • Keller by Gabriel (art, a caricature of Chris Keller) (29)
  • Until by dimples (story, Keller ruminates on Beecher) (31)
  • Keller by 'dalia (art) (35)
  • First Time for Everything by Nicole (story, Keller pre-Oz tale) (37)
  • Rap Sheet by Sam (non-fic: Terry Kinney) (51)
  • The Thousandth Man by Orion (story, Beecher thoughts on Keller) (53)
  • Poet's Corner, (Skin Deep, a sonnet on Miguel, Oz, a poem by TJ Harrison) (57)
  • Busmalis by Gabriel (art, caricature) (61)
  • College Lovers by Brad (story, Beecher's pre-Oz days catch up with him) ( 62)
  • Beecher by dalia (art) (65)
  • Reconsidering by Amy B (story, O'Reily/Murphy anyone?) (67)
  • Beecher by dalia (art) (79)
  • Quid Pro Quo by Alexa C (story, A Solace Interlude Beecher/O'Reily) (81)
  • TITS: centerfolds, Why We Love Oz, B/K shorts, The Shower, The Hole and more (92-90)
  • Ryan O'Reily by dalia (art) (93)
  • Plots and Pops by Sugaree (story, just a little Alvarex/O'Reily-thang) (94)
  • Repeat Offender - from the Outside In by Aiden Hayes (story, pre-Oz Alvarez tale) (100)
  • Persistence by MJ (story, O'Reily/Murphy) (113)
  • Repeat Offender - Schillinger's First Time by Gemma (story, the title says it all) (117)
  • The Connection by Ke'Anna (story, Beecher and Cyril start a friendship) ( 125)
  • Said by dalia (art) (130)
  • In the Hole (nonfiction, Ke'Anna interviews Alexa) (131)
  • Repeat Offender -- Vigilius by Mairead (story, ahhhh, Miguel) (140)
  • Prison Nocturne by Sugaree (story, Oz at night) (145)
  • Sweet Sixteen by akajeangenet (story, Whoa! Abebisi and Mukada) (158)
  • Forgive Us Our Trespasses by Alexa C (story, B/K post season three) ( 163)