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Title: Confessing
Author(s): fanged_geranium
Date(s): 22 January 2011
Length: 768 words
Genre: missing scene
Fandom: Mary Renault
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"Confessing" is a short story by fanged_geranium based on Mary Renault's 1953 novel The Charioteer. Chronologically, it is the second story in a series of four that flesh out events surrounding the expulsion of Lanyon in Chapter Two.


Having confessed to his housemaster, Hazell feels compelled to confess to one of his studymates, Somers, who takes quite a while to figure out what it is he's being told.


"Confessing" was written as part of the Unwritten Charioteer Writing Project (Chapter Two). It is preceded in sequence by "Ancient History", and followed by "Carter's Solution" and "A Conspiracy".


Somers is mentioned in canon, but only in passing. The author's free embellishment of his character was the principal source of comment:

  • "Oh! Your Somers is brilliantly obtuse and practical (and a wee bit of a sociopath, too, I guess?). Love him."—comment by my_cnnr
  • "OMG, I just love how your showing thought processes here. I had a very undignified gigglefit at Somers's reaction to the classical figures."—comment by queen_ypolita