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Name: Company Clippings
Profit/Nonprofit: profit
Country based in: West Hollywood, CA
Focus: article and clipping service
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Company Clippings was a Clipping service that appears to have been run by fans.

a March 1994 ad in Bill Hupe's catalog

It was for-profit.

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From a March 1994 Ad

Looking for old newspaper articles on "The Empire Strikes Back?" Want to read new magazine articles on "Lois & Clark?"

Eager for copies of articles on British media? Tell COMPANY CLIPPINGS what you're looking for ~ we have a diverse selection of newspaper and magazine pieces on films, TV, stage productions and performers and we're happy to watch out for anything new on whatever and whoever interests you — as many different films/TV shows/actors as you want: only 20 cents a page per b/w xerox! S2 for color xerox! some originals for sale —negotiable research services also available And you only pay for what you actually receive (plus postage!) How COMPANY CLIPPINGS works: Send us a list of what/who you're interested in, along with a self-addressed stamped envelope (IRCs for overseas, please) - we send back a list of what we've got on it/them and you order what you want. If you want us to notify you when we get new material on your favorites, we'll do that, too!

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