Communication (Star Trek: TOS story by Karla Kelly)

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: Communication
Author(s): Karla Kelly
Date(s): 1994
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Communication is a Kirk/Spock story by Karla Kelly.

It was published in the print zine KaleidoScope #2.


"After Omicron Ceti Three, Kirk is afraid he is losing Spock when he sees him with Leila in the rec-room and then hears them play together in a concert with Uhura."

Reactions and Reviews

I usually enjoy Karla Kelly's stories a lot, so I was looking forward to reading this one. It started out wonderfully. A Kirk who was in love with Spock and trying to hide it, not wanting to tell his first officer about his feelings. A Kirk who secretly does what destiny allows, spending time with Spock and enjoying his company at every opportunity. A Kirk, jealous of Leila Kalomi, thinking that she holds what he covets so intensely.

I saw before me an interesting conversation where Kirk reveals himself to Spock. Hmm. Not the case, unfortunately. The story was way too short, and the revelation too swift and uncomplicated for me to really enjoy this. I wish this scenario had been explored more in depth, because some lines in this story really made me want to know more, made me salivate in anticipation and I felt kind of... cheated when it was over so quickly and so easily.

Like this line for instance "If anybody knew how long and how hard Kirk had been fighting his love for the Vulcan, it was Bones McCoy." I longed to see evidence of Kirk fighting his feelings, suffering (cruel of me?), but then Kirk just blurts it out, and all is suddenly fine and dandy and Spock just states that he's not very skilled at anticipating human emotions.... Nope, dont think so.[1]
This is a sweet story which takes place after 'This Side of Paradise.' Kirk mistakes Spock's friendship with Leila Kalomi for something more. He realizes he loves the Vulcan and wants to have the chance to tell him. As it turns out, Spock feels the same way and the story has a happy ending. I enjoyed it very much and even though I always liked the Leila Kalomi character, Spock DOES need to end up with Kirk! [2]


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