Command Seminar

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: Command Seminar
Author(s): Kaki
Date(s): 1999
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Command Seminar is a K/S story by Kaki.

It was published in the print zine Beyond Dreams #1.


"At a command training seminar, Kirk and Spock are paired in the course just prior to Kirk taking command of the Enterprise."

Reactions and Reviews

A fun and interesting story with a neat idea of Kirk and Spock required to take cultural/sociological seminars for command personnel complete with a practice party session with food and entertainment.

Kirk and Spock end up together during the course and at the party. It’s such a cool scene when they almost dance together. Their dancing together is one of my favorite things so I was really glad when they slow danced romantically in their room. I really enjoyed the whole ambiance of the party and the little touch of the lieutenant who didn’t know the protocol of the napkin!

And this is a Spock I like—sexy and masterful. Just my type. I love Spock saying: “It would be beneficial to me. I expect that I would learn much about you from the experience.” And you know to what he’s referring! [1]
This story involves a Starfleet seminar for command-training. I like stories of Kirk and Spock first meeting, just before Kirk takes command of the Enterprise. I also like to see them interacting in other cultures, especially if it involves being "forced" by circumstances to get intimate. There were some passages, though, that felt "told," and some of those italicized-character's-thoughts which make a story much more unsubtle for me...but still, the story and the thoughts were interesting ones. The other details of the seminar were fun, too—a glimpse into such things as "Coordinating Input During Red Alert." I of course like the image of Kirk having a very pleasant awareness of the Vulcan sitting next to him. At a social evening with the made-up culture, the "Githra," people are expected to be paired. Here we get another favorite thing of mine, a very favorite—a dancing scene. Really nice, from Kirk's POV, about how it would be to dance with Spock. It was aborted, though, because the music ended just as Spock masterfully leads Kirk out to the floor. Arousal internjptus for me... but it felt good anyway. The scene in their room together is great. Just for one thing, I liked that there was no same-sex disinclination put forth throughout the scenario. They just both wonder what's supposed to be learned from this disquieting potential situation, where they might be expected to be together sexually. Kirk's desire is delicious, and Spock's demeanor is not only sophisticatedly matter-of-fact, but also seductive in such a deeply calm and beautiful way. The sex is quick and hot—indeed, this was certainly an efficient way for a command team to get to know each other. And it's a nice ending in the morning, the dawning of what we are sure will be a beautiful relationship. A lovely story with creative Trek details. Too bad we didn't see episodes like this. [2]
Just after Kirk has been appointed Captain of the Enterprise but before he actually takes over the ship, he attends a command seminar and is introduced to Spock who is also a delegate. As part of the seminar they take part in a first contact scenario and of course Kirk ends up being paired with Spock. Its just lucky the scenario they have to act out gives Kirk the chance to express his feelings of attraction to Spock in a theoretical way. This was an enjoyable read and it was nice to be able to see Kirk and Spock interacting at the very beginning of their relationship and to see Spock taking the initiative for once. [3]


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