Coming Out as a Fanfiction Writer

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Title: Coming Out as a Fanfiction Writer
Commentator: Christine CGB
Date(s): 2001, 2002 (online)
Medium: online, in person
Fandom: meta
External Links: online here (archive link)
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Coming Out as a Fanfiction Writer is an essay about fanfiction that was presented by Christine CGD at the Western Australian Science Fiction Conference in 2001.

It was cited in Jae's essay Young, Female, Single…? A Study of Demographics and Writing-/Reading-Habits of Fanfiction Writers and Readers.


"As I got to know other writers I found that many wrote "in the dark" or in secret. I found that there was an acceptance of this - an expectation that one does not speak of their hobby off line. I also noticed that many writers used pseudonyms and spoke of RL, as a separate and oppositional existence. For example "I've been trying to finish the last chapter of this fic but RL keeps getting in the way."....

My aim is to illustrate that fanfiction writers feel marginalized and misunderstood due to a perceived notion of themselves in the eyes of outsiders. A notion that is not only supported by negative stereotypes of fandom and fans in popular culture, but is perpetuated by the explanation of fanfiction as an extension of fandom.

I would then like to offer some empowerment to fanfiction writers by highlighting the diversity and complexity of fanfiction writers. A diversity and complexity that is consistent with other creative pursuits."