Comiket Service

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Name: Comiket Service
Date(s): circa 1987 - December 2017
Profit/Nonprofit: profit
Country based in: Japan
Focus: doujinshi
External Links: Comiket Service official website
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Comiket Service was a dojin shop (second-hand dojinshi store) in Tokyo. Aside from the physical store, Comiket Service also operated a web store where the most popular dojinshi in the store were listed[1]. The store focused on joseimuke, general works, and rare dojinshi. Until 27 January 2012, the store was located on the first floor of a building to the south of Tokyo's Shimokitagawa station. It moved to a new second-floor location to the north of the station and reopened there on 28 February 2012.[2]

Comiket Service was operated by a fannish company, Yugengaisha Comiket[3], the company that is also responsible for various tasks related to the twice-yearly dojinshi convention Comiket. The shop had long functioned as a physical information counter[4] for the Comiket Junbikai, the fannish committee that organizes Comiket. Besides second-hand dojinshi, Comiket Service also sold Comiket catalogs in print and DVD format, publications by the Junbikai, and application forms for circles wishing to participate in Comiket, and distributed for free company booth pamphlets and other Comiket-related publicity materials.

The shop operated a website, a blog, and a twitter account.

The shop is closed as of December 2017.

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