Come What May (Hawaii Five-0 story)

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Title: Come What May
Author(s): Leslie_Knope
Date(s): 24 March 2016
Length: 10,616 words
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
External Links: Come What May (AO3)

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Come What May is a Steve/Danny story by Leslie_Knope. It is the sequel to the conduit fic Not Backing Down.

Summary: The boys deal with the fallout of their little out-of-town escapade. (And this is just McDanno, so if you were put off by the het in the first part—this one’s safe!)

Recs and Reviews

I loved the way their banter came back to them so easily once they were both heading in the right direction, and it was all so damn hot!! Also loved that Steve bottomed in this, very nice, and Danny was so gentle and perfect with him![1]
I'm all for another part of this verse, but don't need more Emily. However, you are the author and I'll read whatever you feel like sharing because it's all been great so far, both het and this! I'd like to see how much they grow together and get used to a relationship more than seeing more threesome, no matter how hot it was in part one, but that's me and not your muse. So go where you want it to go![2]
this was the hottest fic in all of ever!!! Lol. Oh my God, though, I am so dead! This was amazing!!! I loved the part was Kono, my queen!!! And "the talk" and them saying that they want to be exclusive, my dorks! And all of it was so hot and amazing I'm so in love! I'm really interested in seeing what happens next with their relationship and how it developes. In love with this series!!![3]
Wow! I always enjoy your work, but this is extra spectacular. Not only is the sex smoking hot, the emotional underpinning is soooo nice to see. (And telling Kono is always the appropriate response.)[4]
I'll follow your muse anywhere as long as McDanno is end game. ;) Loved this continuation. Both on the same page. Both fine with being exclusive. And the hot sex was awesome as always.[5]


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