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Synonyms: XXX is love, rainbow bar
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Colorbars are a type of fanart that was popular on LiveJournal in the 00s. Several pictures sharing a theme are lined up (often, but not always, shaded different colours), and a caption is placed underneath. For example, a colorbar of Naruto's Team 7 might say "Team 7 is ninja love." Colorbars have been made to express love for fandoms, characters, and pairings, as well as a wide variety of non-fannish subjects.

The earliest colorbar was in support of same-sex marriage, and simply consisted of a rainbow of six coloured squares, with the text "marriage is love". It spread as a meme.[1][2] The original post was Show Your Support by shared_boxers on 12 February 2004;[3] it received 10,777 replies before livejournal shut off comments.

For examples, see Colorbar Crazy.


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