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You may be looking for The YumYum Affairs Collection.

Title: Collected by YumYumPM
Publisher: Requiem Publications/Devious Developments Press
Date(s): November 2004
Medium: print
Fandom: Man from UNCLE
Language: English
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Collected by YumYumPM is a 324-page slash anthology of fiction by YumYumPM. Color cover and interior art by Kei. One story features a crossover with Protectors and Invisible Man.

  • A Gay Time in New Orleans (His stomach tightened as he considered what his partner could be doing down there, and with whom... ) (5)
  • Beware of What You Wish For ( As usual, they were bickering... ) (39)
  • Bring on the Clowns (NS and IK go undercover....) (60)
  • Eight 2004 (A challenge from 20 years before returns...) (71)
  • Follow the Yellow Brick Road (Assignments sometimes seem so dull, at first...) (111)
  • Mexican Standoff (147)
  • Picture It (165)
  • Present to Past, and Back Again (186)
  • Thank Your Mother for the Chicken Soup (215)
  • The Day After the Night Before (218)
  • The Itch (249)
  • What are Partners For? (Napoleon seeks absolution, but his feelings are considered a sin by the Church. And he has no idea what Illya thinks.) (270)