Cold Heart

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Title: Cold Heart
Author(s): Dorothy Marley
Date(s): 1999
Length: 19,124 words
Genre: slash
Fandom: due South/Twin Peaks
External Links: on livejournal
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Cold Heart is a Due South Fraser/Vecchio Fraser/Cooper story by Dorothy Marley.

A podfic of the story read by the author is available here at the Audiofic Archive.

Reactions and Reviews

This is a fairly disturbing read, for much of it -- this Fraser is broken, and knows it, and is too broken to care. Fortunately, Ray is there, in all his Rayness.

The writing is powerful; the imagery Dorothy surrounds Fraser with avoids being overbearing, instead building an oppressive sense of the world he's living in, while every one of Ray's appearances in Fraser's life provides counterbalancing imagery -- it's beautifully done, and gets right to the heart of what's shaped both men during their lives.

One note: This is technically a crossover with Twin Peaks, but the crossover part is more backstory than anything else. [1]


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