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Name: Cold Fire
Date(s): ? — January 21, 2005 (last update)
Archivist: prettyarbitrary
Founder: ?
Type: Fan Archive
Fandom: The Coldfire Trilogy
 Cold Fire Fan Archive Homepage in 2013
Cold Fire Fan Archive Homepage in 2013
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Cold Fire was a fan archive maintained by someone called prettyarbitrary — indicated name in the contact email —, and hosted on Penn State Personal Web Server of The Pennsylvania State University.

Therefore, it is speculated that its founder and archivist was someone connected to this institution. But based on the storage directory the creator and maintainer of the website has the initials JPA as its real name sweeps.

However, very little is known about the site, how many works it maintained and how long it was active, since the link to it was terminated probably in 2013/2014.

Content Index

The site was archived in 2013, but unfortunately the responsible did not add the rest of content in this process, so we only have access to the main page.

  • The Books: A summary of the story, character descriptions, and a glossary of terms.
  • Fan Fiction: As it says--probably what you're here for.
  • Essays: A few people have written some very interesting, thoughtful essays on the books. You might find them informative.
  • Art and Icons: fanworks gallery
  • Submissions: How to submit fics to me (it's easy, really!).
  • Links: Naturally. Including Ms. Friedman's official website and message board.
  • Email me!:


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