Coda (Purposes of Love fic)

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Title: Coda
Author(s): fawatson
Date(s): 03 May 2013
Length: 1263 words
Genre: Sequel
Fandom: Mary Renault
External Links: Archived at AO3

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Coda[1] is a short story by fawatson set in the world of Mary Renault’s novel, The Friendly Young Ladies. It was written for the rarewomen 2013 fanfic exchange, in fulfilment of a request made by queen_ypolita: "I'd love to read something about Helen and Leo together."

In the story, Leo and Helen have a picnic by the river. Readers thereby learn the aftermath of the last few events of the novel.

The author’s notes indicate that "Coda" is a companion piece to her earlier story "By the River", which shows events immediately preceding the novel.

Comments on the story include:

  • Thank you for writing this for me! I love the picnic by the river, you can almost smell and taste summer there. And OMG that last paragraph!!!!!!! It made me laugh, it just perfectly captures everything that makes Peter so annoying in the book.[2]—queen_ypolita


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