Close Up (Grey's Anatomy vid)

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Title: Close Up
Creator: anoel
Date: October 2005
Format: WMV
Length: 2:25
Music: "Close Up" by Frou Frou
Fandom: Grey's Anatomy
URL: vid announcement

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Close Up is a Grey's Anatomy fanvid by anoel. It was her first vid after a long hiatus and was reviewed by deathisyourart on January 1, 2006 at the reel LJ community.

Vidder's notes: "When I started the video I was completely obsessed with Grey's Anatomy and rewatched Cristina/Burke scenes soo many times. I just had to vid it to help release my love for them. So I searched my music collection and picked out this song because the lyrics fit and I liked the song. I think that the theme perfectly reflects Cristina's take on the relationship: she keeps getting torn between getting closer to Burke and pulling away. I tried to show her perspective on that and highlight it through the looks and actions she does. I also added a few effects to illustrate it (keyframing is the best). Overall, I think it turned out pretty well and is a good display for the love that is Cristina/Burke."


  • "A lyrically narrated overview of the Dr. Cristina Yang and Dr. Preston Burke relationship in Grey's Anatomy. Due to good musical selection and well paced editing, this vid tells a story that is easily understandable to those not familiar with the fandom, and can be enjoyed by everyone."[1]
  • "Oh it's awesome! You did such an excellent job with it. :) You really fit in the music with the clips. Wonderful job!"[2]