Close Up (Firefly vid)

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Title: Close Up (Firefly vid
Creator: Meghan (aka s1ghren)
Date: June 2006
Format: AVI (DivX)
Music: "Close Up" by Frou Frou
Fandom: Firefly
URL: offline (vid announcement)

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Close Up is a Firefly vid by Meghan. It was reviewed by flyingtapes on July 30, 2006 at the reel.


  • "With River's omnipresent insanity a strong component of Firefly's canon, the vidder takes on the many layered narrative of River's worldview in the series and the film and compiles a dark, unsettling picture of what it must be like to live as the character does." ~ feedback at the reel review.
  • "Oh, this is wonderful. Really amazing editing and gorgeous colouring too. I especially loved what you did with the distorted screen effect. ...the colouring is really great. The show and the movie are so incongruous to each other so it's just nice to see that acknowledged and "fixed" in the vid. Love the quick cutting back and forth such as at 0:21; works really well with her character.....Another thing about the external motion - I both use and see a lot of external motion in vids, but I thought it was wonderful and quite refreshing in this vid to have all the tilts on top of all the push and pull. Really gave it a great edge. And I guess it wouldn't come as much of a surprise that I saw some similarities between this and corn_child013's Must Be Dreaming, not just on the River+Frou Frou part but also in your overlay work and external motion. I say this as a good thing - because even though it evokes Sarah's vid you certainly were also very original in what you brought to this vid, and it's lovely to see how works in this fandom are building on each other this way. And of course your vid was more intensely with the River/Simon, especially toward the end." ~ feedback at the vidder's announcement.