Clint Eastwood (Battlestar Galactica vid)

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Title: Clint Eastwood
Creator: bop-radar
Date: October 2008
Format: DivX .avi
Length: 3:21 minutes
Music: "Clint Eastwood" by Gorillaz
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica (2003)
URL: vid announcement

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Clint Eastwood is a Battlestar Galactica fanvid by bop-radar. It was reviewed by acridnym on October 16, 2009 at the vid commentary LJ community. The vidder also offered an in-depth vid commentary herself.[1]

Vidder's summary: "Gaius Baltar is... Gaius Baltar."


  • "I love how rhythmic this is, great synchronisation. That's the kind of vid that really keeps me scotched to my screen and wanting to watch again as soon as it's over. Also somehow it feels very fresh in your choice of images to use. This portray of Baltar is awesome, the craziness, hyperness, desperation, narcissism, sexuality and "watch me! watch me!" eagerness is all there and works so well." ~ feedback at the vid announcement.
  • "This is great, not only for its superb editing and great sense of timing (though that too), and not only for the amazing way you manage to hilariously synch Gaius' comedic expressions on all the right moments (too many to list but...pretty much every time he pulls a face it's awesome), but also because most Baltar vids either focus on his hilarity and ridiculousness, or the tragedy of his selfish, awful existence. You managed to make it about 'old school' comedy Baltar (which, hey, we see traces of throughout season four so it's not entirely old school) but also included a lot of his darker moments like New Caprica and his dodgy cult. In retrospect its as easy to forget that though he was used for comedy he had his share of darkness in season one (he was, after all, responsible for the end of everything and talked Sharon into suicide), as it is to forget that he maintains that physical comedy as late as season four. They're both part of his character and it's great to watch a vid that shows that weird juxtaposition." ~ feedback at the vid announcement.
  • "In my opinion, one of the strangest and most striking aspects of Battlestar Galactica is how it was able to give us a character who had almost no redeeming qualities, caused immense death and suffering through sheer incompetence and egoism, and yet, was so entertaining to watch. As a show that kick started by killing off most of humanity, Battlestar Galactica has been criticized for being unable to convey the immense tragedy of its premise. How do you wrap your mind around death on that large a scale? It’s like that quote that gets attributed to Stalin: the death of one man is a tragedy but the death of millions is a statistic. Yet it’s this same flaw that allows me to laugh at the antics of someone who, were he real, I would want dead. Clint Eastwood is a vid that skillfully weaves together comedy, tragedy, and more comedy. It shows us Gaius’s funniest moments without flinching from the disturbing implications that those moments bring." ~ feedback at the vid commentary review.