Claudine (manga)

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Name: Claudine
Creator: Riyoko Ikeda
Date(s): 1978
Medium: manga
Country of Origin: Japan
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Claudine, stylized Claudine...! or Claudine..., was a 1978 manga now known principally for being one of the first manga with a transgender protagonist. Like Ikeda's more famous work, The Rose of Versailles, it deals with gender and sexuality.


While the manga ends with the title character's suicide because of dysphoria and rejection over his identity, after which his psychiatrist states that he was unquestionably a transgender man, Claudine has often been treated as a yuri title due to a lack of awareness in fandom of transgender issues. The protagonist's chosen name is Claude, and it has been pointed out that the manga is titled after his deadname.[1] However, critics have also praised Claudine as being a compassionate work for the time it was published.


  • Claudine drabbles by Rosa Chinensis for yuridrabbles. The author's note nods to differing opinions on the title character's gender.



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