City of Chains (Dragon Age RP community)

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Journal Community
Name: City of Chains
Date(s): April 2013 - Fall/Winter 2014
Moderator: Papa Bear, Alley Cat, and Mama Mare
Founder: Papa Bear & Alley Cat
Type: roleplay community
Fandom: Dragon Age

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City of Chains (or COCKDARP, as it was affectionately known by its members) was a Tumblr-based, closed roleplaying community for the Dragon Age fandom, set in a modern, semi-dystopian AU loosely-based on Dragon Age 2, but including Dragon Age: Origins characters and original characters as well. It was created as a fork of a short-lived RP community called We Are Burning, by Papa Bear and Alley Cat after the moderator (Mindy) was no longer able to maintain it. Membership was automatically given to any We Are Burning members who wanted to join, and afterward determined by application.

Members could play up to four characters at a time, choosing a Face Claim and creating and maintaining separate Tumblr blogs for each, and roleplay between characters was conducted via reblog threads. Members were encouraged to follow all active character blogs, and a strong emphasis was placed on creating a coherent "world state" and overall narrative. (Theoretically, major milestone plot events that would affect most or all characters would be announced by the mods in advance so that the entire community would be aware of the newly-established canon; in practice, while the community persisted for the better part of two years, no such announced plot events were reached.) The community lore ultimately spanned 25 different characters.

Aside from roleplay threads, the community regularly held both formal and informal fic exchanges about characters in the roleplay, as well as ask games.