Citrus (manga)

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Name: Citrus
Creator: Saburouta
Date(s): November 17, 2012 - present
Medium: manga, anime TV series
Country of Origin: Japan
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Citrus is a yuri manga and anime series. It covers the developing relationship between stepsisters Mei and Yuzu Aihara as they navigate life and love at the prestigious Aihara Academy. The anime covers approximately the first sixteen chapters of the 41-chapter manga. While the main Citrus manga is complete, a sequel manga series - Citrus Plus - is ongoing.


Citrus's fandom is small but active, with new works regularly being posted on both AO3 and Fan content is overwhelmingly yuri, with the canonical Yuzu/Mei relationship being by far the most common. The second-most-common fanwork relationship is the ship between supporting characters Matsuri Mizusawa and Harumi Taniguchi. Rarepairs include Yuzu/Harumi and Mei/Matsuri.

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