Circumstantial Evidence

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: Circumstantial Evidence
Author(s): J S Cavalcante
Date(s): 2005
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Circumstantial Evidence is a Kirk/Spock story by J S Cavalcante.

It was published in the print zine Beyond Dreams #8.


"While staying on the Medieval-era planet, Fortress, Spock wakes to find himself naked and sprawled atop his equally naked captain—with no memory as to how he got there or of the sexual encounter they quite obviously had."

Reactions and Reviews

This is a somewhat unusual story, which starts with Kirk and Spock on a diplomatic visit to the planet called Fortress, where they are staying in the ruler‘s castle. They wake up the next day to find themselves both lying naked in each other‘s arms with clear of evidence of their having had sex, although neither has any memory of what has happened to them, They both discuss and speculate on what might have happened and both are concerned that they may have instigated sex without the other‘s consent. In order to find out what happened, they try to obliquely mention the events to their host, who immediately tells them that it is a group of people called Witches who are unable to have male children of their own, occasionally uninvited! This author‘s characterisation of Kirk and Spock was very good as well, when they first wake up, they are both more concerned that they may have violated the other than anything else—which is typical of their relationship up to this point and what I would have expected. I also enjoyed their interactions with the planet‘s ruler who is not quite as open with them as they would like and it was interesting to see how his perception of events alters from that of the others involved. How they come to meet the planet‘s other inhabitants and learn what actually happened is an entertaining and enjoyable story, especially since the events on their first night, lead them to a greater understanding of how they both now realise they feel about each other and the direction in which they would like their own relationship to go. This was a truly original ―first time‖ story and I particularly enjoyed meeting the ―other‖ inhabitants of the planet and seeing things from their perspective, as well as the lovely descriptions of the woodland setting in which they live. The reasons for their behaviour were well detailed and realistic as was this particular writer‘s characterisation of both Kirk and Spock in their discussions and speculations of what might have happened while they were unaware of their surroundings. [1]


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