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Cinders is a visual novel with multiple endings, created in 2012 by MoaCube games. It is a transformative retelling of the Cinderella fairy tale, which focuses on the relationships between Cinders, the protagonist, and her stepmother and stepsisters. The story allows the player to choose what path Cinders will take to get out from under her stepmother's thumb, including a "classic" fairy tale princess ending, as well as other, less traditional ones.

The game is self-aware of its derivative nature, making references to other, older variations of the Cinderella story, such as by naming one love interest Perrault.

Cinders fandom is small and mainly centered around Tumblr, where a small group of gamers and others picked up the game based on propagating recommendations by defira85[1][2][3] and persephonechiara.[4] Some fanfic has surfaced on Tumblr and AO3, and Cinders was a nominated fandom for Yuletide 2012.

Popular pairings include Cinders/Perrault, Cinders/Tobias and Sophia/Basile. Despite overlap there is nary a ship war to be seen.

Fan-creator interactions

The game developers' reactiosn to the Tumblr fandom has been largely positive, even when smut was involved.[5]

Notable fanworks