Chuck Hansen

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Name: Chuck Hansen
Occupation: Jaegar Pilot
Relationships: Hercules Hansen (Father)
Fandom: Pacific Rim
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Chuck Hansen is a character in the 2013 film Pacific Rim.


Chuck Hansen is an Australian Jaegar pilot. He pilots the Striker Eureka with his father Herc.

In the final battle, Chuck's father is injured and Stacker Pentecost steps in as his co-pilot. They decide to detonate their Jaegar to give Gipsy Danger, piloted by Raleigh and Mako the best chance of closing the breach and ending the war.



  • Raleigh Becket/Chuck Hansen is the second most popular slash pairing in this fandom. [1]
  • Chuck Hansen/Hercules Hansen is the incest pairing of Chuck and his father Herc.
  • Chuck Hansen/Mako Mori is the third most popular het pairing, but it overall a very rare pairing.[2]
  • The polyship Raleigh Becket/Chuck Hansen/Mako Mori also appears.

Example Fanworks

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  • it was grassy and wanted wear by achilleees, Chuck is dead. Chuck wakes up. (Groundhog Day AU)
  • Sic Him, Boy! by nhixxie, Raleigh’s pretty sure Chuck is trying to sic his bulldog onto him, and really--Raleigh thinks as the dog curls at his feet and cuddles against his boots--Chuck should have realized the plan is flawed at the very foundation.
  • Ghost in the Machine by fadedink, Chuck Hansen's first Drift is a disaster. But what Tendo discovers several days later shocks the entire Shatterdome. Soon enough, they discover that you don't necessarily need a body to co-pilot a Jaeger.


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