Chronicles (con zine)

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Title: Chronicles
Publisher: FIB
Date(s): 1980, 1982
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Chronicles is a con zine for UFP Con. Stories submitted for the UFP Con poetry and fiction competition. They also contains some convention photos.

The first issue contains some non-explicit K/S.


It was published in 1980 as two volumes, each containing 60 pages. Judges were Dot Owens, Joanie Winston, and Ros Peyton.

cover of 1980, part 1, 60 pages
cover of 1980, part 2, 60 pages
  • The Command Team's Convention, or "What Did You Do in the War, Mummy?" a con report (1)
  • The Prize Winners (9)
  • Remembrance by Barbara J. Chegwidden (11)
  • One Golden Moment, poem by S. Meek (16)
  • some photos of the con
  • Kismet by Teresa Hewitt (17)
  • Final Moment, poem by Josephine Timmins (32)
  • Ni Var, poem by S. Meek (33)
  • Kismet, poem by Miri Rana (34)
  • The Guns of Alarak by Janet Kilbourne (35)
  • The Starlord and the Wanderer, poem by Jayne Turner (56)
  • Captain's Log -- Unrecorded by Kelly Mitchell (58)
  • L/Ns Dilemma, poem by Miri Rana (58)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

[Kismet]: It was the first place winner and the only K/S item in the zine; it is a humor story. In it, Sarek refers to Kirk as his son-in-law: "It opens with a meeting between Kirk and Spock, recently bonded, and Admiral Cantor, a childhood friend of Kirk's. He regails the Admiral with "hilarious" anecdotes of their bonding the only rather uncomfortable part of this story. Examples: At the bonding, the crew gives Spock a bottle of perfume and Kirk flowers, and Sarek, so "happy" that he's nearly in tears, comments that their family line "had gone on beyond any reasonable limit, and what a good job it was that we were making sure it would stop with Spock." That out of the way, the meat of the story begins with the Admiral assigning the Enterprise to transport Goshak, the Glorious and Mighty High Chief of Agaritina a planet rich in dilithium to coddle him, and take him to the Federation for raining rights negotiations. The "Mighty High Chief" arrives on the Enterprise a week later, and proves to be a squat, greasy, unpleasant little toad of a man, who speaks bad English and calls the Captain "Jerk". He presents Kirk with a gift: a six-foot-tall, bright yellow, rubbery, tendriled, stenchsome Flom plant. The plant caresses Kirk with its "slimy custard" tendrils and decides, to Goshak's surprise, that it likes Kirk. Goshak informs Kirk that it is "trained to offer a repertoire exquisite of sensual delights". At his order, a nauseating, funnel-shaped sucker reaches for Kirk's groin and not even the thought of all that dilithium keeps him from jumping away. Goshak talks tediously, pig-headedly of the Federation and its offer, spitting frequently, as Kirk guides him to his quarters (formerly Kirk's), trailed by the ambulatory Flom plant, to Kirk's consternation. At his threat to take it to the bio lab, the plant droops dejectedly, and Goshak whines about his rejected gift and threatens no dilithium. Kirk relents, taking it with him... [1]


This issue is one volume and contains 60 pages.


  1. from a much, much longer story synopsis in Not Tonight, Spock #4